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Desktop version history


[編集] ver 2017年4月25日


  • Fixed server console formatting issues (for clarification, this is the issue where servers were outputting unusual non-English text)
  • Fixed numerous translation errors
  • Fixed game title always appearing in English
  • Fixed the Old One's Army javelin's missing name
  • Fixed Eater of Worlds despawning at rare situations in multiplayer
  • Fixed error when trying to use the room query on an unfit room in certain languages

[編集] ver 2017年4月21日


  • Town NPCs now have a golden frame over their room banner if the player specifically assigned it for them
  • Improved visuals on a few things
  • Switched to an easier to read font for Chinese
  • Fixed faults for Chinese input on Mac OS X
  • Fixed unintended forced zoom for 16x10 resolutions
  • Fixed Ghastly Glaive not damaging any enemies
  • Fixed some sliders missing sound on hover
  • Fixed crash when a hardcore player dies
  • Fixed player's breath meter moving unexpectedly when using Binoculars, Sniper Scopes, or Zoom
  • Fixed certain item slot interactions not functioning when gamepad instructions are disabled
  • Fixed Shrimpy Truffle's mount not allowing the player's head to touch the ceiling
  • Fixed fresh installations of the game showing an inappropriately sized language selection menu
  • Fixed Town NPCs attempts to return to their room not being as successful as they should be

[編集] ver 2017年4月19日


  • 起動時に特定のクラッシュを修正
  • Windows 10のクリエイターアップデートを適用している人のためのフレーム落ちの特定の原因を修正
  • Fixed Betsy のボスバッグの名前が間違っていたのを修正
  • Fixed Truffle spawning up without meeting his special requirements
  • Fixed resolutions larger than your monitor's showing up (for some people)

[編集] ver 1.3.5 2017年4月19日


  • Added professional localization for the following languages:
    • German
    • Italian
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Russian (new)
    • Simplified Chinese (new)
    • Brazilian Portuguese (new)
    • Polish (new)
  • Greatly improved rendering and overall gameplay on resolutions larger than 1080p
  • Added Zoom and UI scale sliders in the in-game settings menu
  • Added most of the main menu's settings to the in-game settings menu
  • Dungeons in newly generated worlds now contain new furniture
  • Added a crystal furniture set, and expanded other Furniture Sets
  • Added Arkhalis's and Leinfors' developer armor sets
  • NPCs who are manually assigned to a room will have their successor attempt to move in when the original is killed
  • Improved stability on Mac OS X and Linux
  • Improved visuals on many different things
  • Improved Retro lighting consistency
  • Fixed settings button overlaying the armor icon
  • Fixed inconsistent naming for Sand Poacher and Granite Golem banners
  • Fixed banner buff list extending beyond screen limits
  • Fixed hand drawing over backhand glove and shield accessories for female characters
  • Fixed Sparky painting and several other rare paintings not naturally spawning properly
  • Fixed a certain multiplayer crash
  • Fixed sign mouseover text staying on cursor permanently when in Options and Camera menus
  • Fixed a world generation crash on Linux
  • Fixed a number of minor grammar issues in NPC dialog
  • Fixed a certain exploit
  • Fixed trapped Granite and Meteorite Chests dropping the wrong item upon breaking
  • Fixed Vortex Monolith not selling for as much as it should
  • Fixed crash when linking items with invalid prefix ids in chat
  • Fixed Pumpkin Shirt and Robot Shirt causing leg skin to disappear when equipped
  • Fixed Defender's Forge closing instantly if opened from below
  • Fixed Terraria thinking it has focus when it did not have focus
  • Fixed Grand Design and Multicolor Wrench emitting light on use
  • Fixed auto-creating a world from the server causing it to always use the same seed
  • Fixed Platinum Candelabra not sitting properly on other objects
  • Fixed Goblin Tinkerer being slightly smaller than intended
  • Fixed petrification death messages being broken for a long while now
  • Fixed Wall Creeper dropping gore when blood and gore are off
  • Fixed Xeno Staff's selling price, now consistent with the rest of Martian loot
  • Fixed crash when mousing over chests and dressers in the map view
  • Fixed settings button colliding with 6th accessory dye slot
  • Fixed Corrupt Thorns almost never generating
  • Fixed multiple issues with platform/block interaction
  • Fixed pillars of dirt appearing above the Underground Desert sometimes
  • Potentially fixed an issue where Marathon Medalist would cause FPS drops.
  • Platforms from and above now emit particles when destroyed
  • Virtual Keyboard should no longer appear unless a Gamepad is being used
  • Using Quick Heal to consume restoration potions now properly inflicts mana sickness
  • Defender's Forge now has highlight outlines

[編集] ver 2016年12月6日


  • Fixed certain crashes related to the game losing focus
  • Fixed death messages mentioning piggybanks and glowsticks
  • Fixed Xenopopper not detecting ammo
  • Fixed maps not loading properly when joining multiplayer
  • Fixed situations where Old One's Army enemies would spawn invisible in multiplayer if they were too far from you
  • Fixed several multiplayer client crashes
  • Fixed certain turret staves not showing use animation when used by other players
  • Fixed certain turrets falling through platforms after spawning on them
  • Fixed Spider Queen not working with the max sentry system
  • Fixed Spider Queen and Frost Hydra spazzing against Worm enemies
  • Fixed Apprentice armor sets reducing the angle Flameburst Towers can shoot instead of expanding it
  • Fixed Lightning Aura emitting sounds for enemies it cannot reach underneath it
  • Fixed framedrops related to Spectre Staff shots
  • Fixed framedrops related to Onyx Blaster shots
  • Fixed item sounds playing slightly off center
  • Fixed Vilethorn and similar items making liquid ripples when they should not
  • Fixed some dye items rarity colors

[編集] ver 2016年11月19日


  • All of the DD2 defenses can now have prefixes!
  • Hopefully fixed chat not properly blocking player movement and misc functions
  • Fixed smart-cursor not placing pumpkin seeds properly
  • Fixed certain melee weapons causing framedrops when used at (very) far distance from hittable targets
  • Fixed Betsy's Wings emitting faint amount of lights when descending (this was not ever intended)
  • Fixed Pumpkin seeds not being placable on each other (by cutting the old one first)
  • Fixed filterPriorityThreshold config setting resetting in every future update (sorry!)
  • Fixed self-harming exploit when using the Eternia crystal stand at certain heights acting inconsistently
  • Fixed two exploits
  • Fixed Luminite bullets emitting lights through town npcs as they travel
  • Fixed Love & Stink potions not properly applying to other players in multiplayer
  • Fixed rare case of magic weapons hitting enemies for melee damage if you stand directly on the enemy...
  • Fixed "Skeletron has awoken" being "Skeleton has awoken!" when summoned
  • Fixed Sand Slimes not appearing in singleplayer and hazardously desyncing in multiplayer
  • Fixed a certain linux/mac server crash
  • Fixed tier 3 of the Old One's Army not having proper Eternia crystal health assignments.

[編集] ver 2016年11月17日


  • Added experimental feature: texture pack support! Requires editing your config.json file and setting UseExperimentalFeatures to "true".
  • Fixed Pumpkins getting cut when swinging nearby items or projectiles at them (we wanted to make placing blocks over them cut them for convenience, nothing else!).
  • Fixed town NPCs potentially disappearing if you load a map using a non-english language.
  • Fixed Celestial Pillars not loading properly, resulting in immediate wipe and triggering impending doom.
  • Fixed Drill Containment Unit being usable during creative shock.
  • Fixed unconscious Tavernkeep & sleeping Angler not showing up on the Lifeform Analyzer.
  • Fixed Tavernkeep accidentally spawning in water.
  • Fixed Stardust armor's excess lighting brightness.
  • Fixed tooltips on the new accessories saying 'sentry' damage when it meant minion damage, there never was such a thing as sentry damage.
  • Fixed numerous input issues.
  • Fixed item linking in chat!
  • Fixed Stardust Cell Staff minion's shots trying to occassionally latch to town NPCs and the Eternia Crystal.
  • Fixed Old One's lane portals not emitting light.
  • Fixed weapons not being usable while chatting!!!
  • Fixed Defender's Forge name missing when open.
  • Fixed Monk's brows saying "attack speed" instead of "melee attack speed"
  • Fixed the Tavernkeep still calling Eternia crystals "Elder" crystals.

[編集] ver 2016年11月16日


  • Fixed Defender Medals dropping only in stacks of 1 instead of their intended amounts when in singleplayer.
  • Hopefully fixed some enemies being invisible on spawn during the Old One's Army event when in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Eternia Crystals using their internal name Elder Crystals.
  • Fixed Striking Moment buff's tooltip.
  • Fixed Tavernkeep not reacting to the King Statue.
  • Fixed certain worldgen crash that was replicated using the experimental seeds feature! whoo!
  • Fixed an exploit.
  • Fixed certain new weapons staying in use during the player's death.
  • Fixed silent crash when trying to place defenses in dedicated servers.
  • Fixed silent crash when using Last Prism in multiplayer.

[編集] ver 1.3.4 2016年11月16日


Old One's Army
  • Invasion event featuring enemies, weapons, and gameplay mechanics inspired by Etheria: the Dungeon Defenders 2 universe.
    • This event will play like no other in Terraria - featuring a brand new mechanic where you protect an artifact from invading enemies with the help of a unique defensive structure system.
    • This multi-tiered event allows players at multiple points in the game to experience scaling difficulty, with corresponding loot.
    • Enjoy rewards in the form of armor, weapons, pets and more, all straight from the Dungeon Defenders 2 universe!
  • The Tavernkeep, a new NPC from the Dungeon Defenders universe, has arrived. He will be offering a variety of Etherian loot and gear in exchange for an exclusive currency earned by playing the new invasion!
  • Completely redesigned liquid visuals. Enjoy the ripples and waves, as the player, enemies, and projectiles now have a visible impact when they enter and move through water.
  • The Blizzard weather event now has a new, unique ambient sound when active.
  • Toggles for recently-added visual and water effects that will allow players to balance beautiful visuals and performance to fit their preferences.
  • A new ability for Summoner players to direct their minions to attack a specific target.
  • An experimental new world seed feature (this will be inactive by default, see below in the Changes section for more details).
  • 4 new sentry summons, each of which has three tiers of potency.
  • 13 new weapons.
  • 8 new armor sets.
  • 5 new accessories.
  • 2 new pets.
  • 1 new light pet.
  • 3 new boss masks and trophies.
  • 2 new decorate furniture items.
  • 1 brand new “Personal Safe” style furniture item, in the style of the Piggy Bank and Safe.
  • A brand new currency which can be spent with the Tavernkeep for much of the above.
  • 10 new enemies, many of which can become visibly (and mechanically) more powerful as gameplay progresses
  • 2 new invasion style mini-bosses.
  • 1 new boss.
  • 1 new music track based on the Dungeon Defenders 2 OST, complete with a matching Music Box.
  • Over 200 new sound effects inspired and adapted from Dungeon Defenders 2.
  • 設置型ミニオンの効果が変更された。
    • DD2(Dungeon Defenders II)イベント外では召喚は1つの制限がかかる
    • 1.3.4コンテンツ内にこの制限を増やすものがある。
    • 以前と異なり、設置型の上限が1を超えると同じ設置型であれば複数体呼び出すことができる。例えば、設置数が3の場合は同時に3体までFrost Hydraを召喚できる。
    • 召喚用の杖を持っている状態で敵を右クリックすると、その敵を優先して攻撃させることができるようになった。設置型ミニオンがその敵を視認できるならそれを攻撃対象にする。ただし、見えない場合は通常通りランダムに攻撃を行う。
  • We’ve added an experimental new seed feature to World generation. All worlds generated in 1.3.4 and beyond will have a seed attached to them. You will also be able to set the seed for a world on world generation. PLEASE NOTE that this feature is not active by default. To activate it, please follow these steps:
    • Find Terraria’s config.json file. On Windows, this should be found in Documents>My Games>Terraria.
    • Open the config file with a basic text editing program, such as Notepad.
    • The 12th line in the config file is labeled "UseExperimentalFeatures" and will be set to "false”".
    • Simply change this to “true” and save the config.json file. The next time you launch Terraria, the option to view and set world seeds will appear.
    • Please be aware that this is NOT a retroactive feature, and cannot display the seeds for worlds created before 1.3.4, as the data is simply not stored there. Additionally, you must run launch Terraria in 1.3.4 before the option will appear in the config file.
  • It no longer rains in the space biome.
  • Pumpkins can be broken with weapons instead of pickaxes.
  • Fix for AMD Graphics Card related issue involving Living Flame Dye.
  • Fixed edges of screen getting inverted colors during a blizzard.

[編集] ver 2016年10月4日


  • Mac OS XでSteamオーバーレイが上手く動かない問題を修正
  • Blizzard時に時折雪が現れないのを修正

[編集] ver 2016年9月13日


  • ゲームパッドの設定画面にインベントリ操作時の速度を調整するスライダーを追加
  • ゲームパッド/インベントリメニューの速度はデフォルトでより速くなり、設定でさらに速くすることもできます
  • 鉱夫の振動(ブロックを掘ったときの新エフェクト)を設定でon/offできるようになった
  • Eye of Cthulhu の攻略前の Sandstorm は、敵の内容が少し異なり危険度がある程度低くなります
  • Mandible Blade のノックバック効果を強化
  • 地下の深いところでは、砂や熱による歪みのエフェクトが発生しなくなりました。

[編集] ver 2016年9月11日


  • 様々なケースの回線切断/マルチプレイのバグを修正
  • Fixed inventory items "getting stuck" in multiplayer
  • 特定の状況で死亡時メッセージがプレイヤーの名前だけになるのを修正
  • Sky Fracture の売値とリフォージコストを修正
  • 液体の中では Stopwatch が正しい速度を表示しない問題を修正

[編集] ver 1.3.3 2016年9月9日



  • 新しい天候 Sandstorm(砂嵐)が追加されました
    • 新しい敵、ドロップ、音楽、そしてユニークな経験を砂漠バイオームにもたらします
  • 吹雪の見た目が新しくなった
  • DesertUnderworld では高温による歪みエフェクトが表示されるようになった
  • Cavern とその他の地下にあるバイオームでも少し歪むようになった
  • 砂漠では砂が流れ落ちるエフェクトが表示されるようになった
    • Magic Sand Dropper を使用して、それを好きな場所に設置することもできます
  • ワールド生成前に不浄、真紅のどちらかを生成するかが選べるようになりました
  • Sand Poachers は毒のデバフ効果を受けるようになった
  • Dune Splicers のHPと防御力がより高くなった
  • 特に砂嵐中、Dune SplicersTomb Crawlers はさらに攻撃的な場合があります
  • ブロックを掘るときのエフェクトを追加した
  • マルチプレイ時のパフォーマンスが向上した
  • Underground Desert での敵出現率が上昇した
  • Fixed sliders in the gamepad settings not being "locked on" when dragged around
  • いくつかのテクスチャの読み込みが時々おかしくなって、異常な表示をすることがあった
  • underground desert worms の出現率が低すぎた
  • ゲームパッドで、Portal Gun の二発目の弾と Grappling Hooks が競合するのを修正
  • いくつかのexploitを修正
  • ウィンドウを非アクティブにしても雨、水、溶岩の音が鳴りつづけるのを修正
  • Flask of Party の効果中、drill が超音速で confetti を発射するのを修正

[編集] ver 2016年7月21日


  • Snowfall Wall を壊したときにドロップしないバグを修正
  • Fixed bad chest button cycling in gamepads
  • Pressure Platesが動作しないのを修正
  • Fixed party balloon staying in the world indefinitely if its not the first world loaded
  • Fixed npc-started parties occuring only for 1 player in the server at random
  • Fixed items being equipped when you open a chest with autopause under certain circumstances

[編集] ver 1.3.2 2016年7月20日



Quality of Life Improvements
  • Phasesaberの画像を更新、Phasebladeの画像とは別にした
  • Expert modeにおけるbeehiveから出るBeeの弱体化
  • Significantly reduced count of unnecessary player synchronization calls, which hindered servers with a high player count.
  • 木がパッと生長するアニメーションを追加
  • Rain Cloudが作成可能になった
  • Clinger StaffPlatform上でも使用可能になった
  • Made improvements to chat tags, and they should no longer break over long lines.
  • NPCはホームエリアを離れたとき崖に落ちないようにしようとするようにした
  • Chestのソート機能が使用できるようになった
  • hardmodeに突入後は、新規ワールド作成時に不浄・深紅の選択可能になった
  • Fixed Fishing Rod's exploit allowing to throw multiple hooks at once
  • Fixed XNOR being named NXOR
  • Fixed Title text not refreshing from the language menu's use
  • Fixed Cooking Pot & Skeleton Lantern (off)'s wrong light display
  • Fixed weather not updating on server properly (blame framerate fixes)
  • Fixed Grand Design selling for way too much gold
  • Fixed Scutlix mount aiming issues
  • Fixed Stardust & Nebula Wings having 2/3 and 1/3 extra fly time more than intended, respectively.
  • Ice RodDresserに関するバグを修正
  • Fixed cursor showing over an item slot for a frame when closing inventory on gamepad use
  • Fixed random bad texture loading
  • Fixed Duck hunt exploit
  • Fixed Town NPCs spazzing if there's lava underneath them
  • Fixed Travelling Merchant not being able to attack at night
  • Fixed Extremely long-timed buffs not updating properly in multiplayer
  • Fixed Phasesabers in weapon racks creating unbreakable weapon racks (This fix is not retroactive and will not fix old worlds impacted by the issue, we apologize for any inconvenience - we may add retroactive fix in the future)
  • Fixed Team Platforms not acting as viable doors for housing.
  • Fixed Ice Rod blocks causing making backwalls invisible
  • Fixed “On Fire!” bosses not being extinguished by water
  • Fixed Summoner Emblem not having an updated sprite
  • いくつかの構成設定が保存されないのを修正
  • Fixed healing exploit

[編集] ver 2016年5月31日


Quality of Life
  • All liquid & logic sensors aside "player above" now allow teleportations.
  • Added a third frameskip option for those with high-end PCs who got performance issues in 1.3.1 (current "Off" got renamed to "Subtle", old "Off" from 1.3 is back as "Off").
  • Fixed liquids getting frozen in the air until a game restart (hopefully).
  • Fixed gamepad instructions getting frozen on virtual keyboard instructions.
  • Fixed two duplication exploits.
  • Fixed cannons not shooting cannonballs when pulsed via non-player triggered.
  • Fixed slightly inccorect display for "player above" logic sensor (was 1 pixel too small in every direction).
  • Fixed incorrect text at the gamepad options ("Thumbstick Hotbar / "Thumbstick Cursor Snap" should've been "DPad Hotbar" & "DPad Cursor Snap").
  • Fixed training dummies potentially getting permanent invisible corruption.
  • ゲーム起動時、キーボードのなんらかのキーを押すまでマウスのクリックが無効になる問題を修正
  • Fixed many furnitures breaking instantly when they're placed aboved platform stairs.
  • Fixed multiple issues with geyser placement.
  • 背景描写がOFFになっている状態だとパーティクルがキャプチャーモードで描写されなかった問題を修正
  • Fixed the Guide's help tips not detecting the demolitionist nor the goblin tinkerer properly.
  • Grasshopper Statueがクラフトできなかった問題を修正

[編集] ver 1.3.1 2016年5月22日



  • Xinputを使用したコントローラーのサポートを追加
  • インベントリの並び替えを追加
  • Dart TrapとすべてのTemple TrapはHammerで90度ずつ回転できるようになった
  • スマートカーソル時に右クリックで近くのNPCやドア、その他オブジェクトにアクセスできるようになった
  • 各種キャノン(CannonBunny CannonConfetti CannonSnowball Launcher)が、ワイヤで信号入力することでフェイクの弾(ダメージなし&地形変化なし)を撃てるようになった
  • スマートカーソルでの複数のアイテムとの相互作用を改善


  • 4色のワイヤが同じ画面内に表示される時の見づらさを軽減
  • 1800以上のスプライトグラフィックを改善
  • Tile entityのためにNet messageを最適化 (Target DummyItem Frame)
  • Setting Menu欄が向上、また新たな設定を追加
  • 頭上に表示されるLarge Gemを追加
  • 傾斜地での近接攻撃の当たり具合を上方調整
  • 建築用アクセサリが情報系アクセサリの様に、インベントリから使えて状況に応じて効果をメニューから切り替えられるようになった
  • 情報アイコンにマウスカーソルを向けたとき、はっきりと境界線が表示されるようになった
  • Keybinding option(キービンディング オプション)を改善、マウス3,4,5を結合できるようになった



  • Statueから出現した中立モブはBug Netなどで捕まえることができなくなった
  • Duke Fishronから逃げたと判定される距離をかなり長くした
  • Medusaに接触している時は石化攻撃を使わなくなった
  • Medusaはハードモード以降の敵になった
  • PainterWizardSkeleton Merchantに対して新しい名前が追加
  • Jungleで蜂の巣を見つけることができるようになった(蜂じゃないよ!)
  • Solar Eruption使用時のサウンドの音量低下
  • TorchActuatorで透過されたブロックにも設置可能になった
  • スライムが1ブロックの高低差をすり抜けることはなくなった
  • Target Dummyに攻撃しても、Spectre ArmorなどのHP吸収効果は発生しなくなった
  • キャラ設定時に選択可能な服装が、男女どちらも一種類ずつ増えた


  • Fixed Frostbite hiding time left when wet under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Desert Spirit hitbox to match sprite size.
  • Fixed NPCs not recognizing kills / interactions properly if they have multiple segments.
  • Fixed music boxes not emitting music notes while open.
  • Fixed Flesh Grass spreading under Sunflowers.
  • Fixed Tally Counter not showing information for enemies hit with mounts or special attacks.
  • Fixed player leg skin colors mismatching the rest of the body when in stealth.
  • Fixed Seedler not dropping from Boss Bags.
  • Fixed popular NPC Housing exploit.
  • Fixed Ranger Lifesteal bug.
  • Fixed Paint Sprayer spraying over blocks in several occasions that it should not (e.g. grass that gets turned into dirt as a result of placing an object).
  • Fixed being on the edge of the underground not counting when spawning dungeon / Underground Desert monsters.
  • Fixed teleporting directly on top of a pressure plate not triggering it properly since.
  • Fixed Town NPC melee weapons drawing brightly while in darkness.
  • Fixed Crimson Heart failing to stand to roll roll around on platforms.
  • Fixed tile entities not properly clearing on world clear procedure.
  • Fixed Crystal Storm not bouncing its shots.
  • Fixed chests without custom names not showing mouse over icons.
  • Fixed Wooden Boomerang being unusable when near slopes.
  • Fixed Wall of Flesh going above hell and dragging everyone with it.
  • Fixed Martian Saucer having invisible / unhittable body parts in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Martian Probe not causing Martian Invasions when it should.
  • Harpies and Antlion Swarmers can no longer swim.
  • Fixed dressers blowing up from explosive projectiles.
  • Fixed Gi and Kimono leg sprites being genderswapped.
  • Fixed ancient light and fishron bubbles not appearing in expert mode.
  • Fixed Werewolf sounds being bugged if used for vanity.
  • Fixed Tax Collector not using some of his special chat dialog.
  • Fixed infinite flight time exploit.
  • Fixed Martian Saucers missing their home planet during the invasion and leaving.
  • Fixed trapdoors de-syncing when operated via wires.
  • Fixed L shaped housing exploit.
  • Fixed minecarts hitting invincible enemies.
  • Fixed multiple bugs regarding auto-pause and inventory management.
  • Demon Altars should no longer create 'unbreakable' pots.
  • Fixed rare "character not respawning" under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed background drawing through completely unlit walls in hell.
  • Fixed solar pickaxe using a bad glowmask.
  • Fixed wall of flesh not spawning in singleplayer under certain circumstance.
  • Fixed snow not falling naturally after a player jumps in most cases.
  • Fixed paintball gun and confetti grenades being unable to crit.
  • Fixed Titanium Armor & Black Belt dodges not working against Moon Lord.
  • Fixed animated tilesets touching half-bricks stop animating.
  • Fixed yet another duplication exploit.
  • Fixed altered worlds getting stuck in spirit release phase under a rare circumstance.
  • Fixed Chlorophyte protection in the jungle not being as effective as it should be.
  • Fixed right clicking equipment at inventory not granting achievements for equipping it.
  • Paladin's Shield使用時に発生するバフ"Paladin's Shield"が働かないバグを修正
  • Guideのhelp機能で表示されるメッセージの中での文字サイズのミスを修正
  • Star in a Bottleのバフが動作しないバグを修正
  • Brain of CthulhuEater of Worldsが、プレイヤーが死ぬかバトルフィールドから離れた場合に正しく消滅するように
  • ナースが、ある特殊なケースにおいてすべてのDebuffを回復してくれないバグを修正
  • Fixed double damage popups from other players inflicting harm to themselves via explosives.
  • Fixed 'full-screen map' button opening a black screen if map is disabled in general.
  • Fixed players being unable to get on a mount if they're too close to workbenches.
  • Fixed shenanigans with actuating gemspark blocks.
  • Fixed Mudstone Brick having a bad name (Mudstone Block).
  • Tiles under Lihzahrd altars can no longer be actuated until the golem is defeated.
  • Fixed temporary holes in the darkness when removing light sources.
  • Fixed items that cost less than 5 copper always sell for 1 copper , even when sold in Stacks.

[編集] ver 2015年8月13日


  • Mac版・Linux版が正式にスタート
  • 各OSの最新版サーバーソフトの公開

[編集] ver 2015年7月24日


  • Windows用の最新版サーバーソフトの公開
  • MacとLinuxのオープンベータを開始

[編集] ver 2015年7月21日




  • Solar Flare armorセットのダッシュアビリティによるバフ消費が敵に接触した時のみになった。また、ダッシュ攻撃は、1回のダッシュ中に攻撃を受けたすべての敵が爆発するようになった
  • Party Girlのスポーン確率が上昇した
  • カメラモード使用時にメカニズムのアイテムを持っていると、配線を撮影することが可能に
  • Stardust Dragon Staffは、その他のMinionとのバランスを考えてダメージが下方修正された
  • Moon CharmNeptune's Shell等で姿が変化する効果の無効化が可能になり、逆にvanityに付けることで姿の変化のみの適応が可能に
  • 最終ボスの攻撃に対する無敵時間の計算が個別に行われるようになった(何人かのプレイヤーが興味深いことをするせいで...)
  • Potentially fixed lag issues when using Steam multiplayer
    • Steamを介したマルチプレイにおけるラグの改善
  • Potentially fixed invasions not triggering when they should (Martian Probes)
  • Fixed Money Trough turning 'Quick Stack to All Chests' button invisible
    • Money Troughが「Quick Stack to All Chests」ボタンを非表示にしてしまう問題を修正
  • Fixed Javelins drawing behind doors on all cases
    • Javelinの描画の問題を修正
  • Fixed Keys of Light / Night not working through autopause
    • key of lightおよびkey of nightを使う際にautopauseをオンにしていてもミミックを呼び出せるようになった
  • Fixed nearby crafting stations not updating when you open inventory in autopause
    • autopauseをオンにしている時、Crafting stationの近くでインベントリを開いても更新されない問題を修正
  • Fixed 'allow mounting' check not taking player's velocity into account (mounting into ceiling exploit)
  • Fixed breathing meter appearing when hanging on to a ceiling that has water in it
    • 水中で天井にしがみついている時の呼吸メーターを修正
  • Fixed content files not being compressed
    • 圧縮されていないファイルを修正
  • Fixed Umbrella art not being consistent
  • Fixed Solar Eruption item stray pixel
  • Fixed Jellyfish expert mode counter hitting you when you can't hit the Jellyfish
  • Fixed Drill Containment Unit being able to mine Demon Altars before Hardmode
  • Fixed certain Penguins not counting towards the tally
    • 特定のPenguintallyでカウントできなかった問題を修正
  • Fixed Dryad not selling Vicious Powder during the Bloodmoon on Crimtane worlds
  • Fixed issue where Shroomite and Psycho Knife stealth would work on mounts
  • Fixed issue where Martian Probe would trigger Martian Invasion clientside
    • マルチプレイにおいてMartian Invasionがクライアント側(ホストではない側)のみ発生していた問題を修正
  • Fixed Cultist Boss summoning issues in multiplayer
    • マルチプレイにおけるCultist Bossを召喚する際の問題を修正

[編集] ver 2015年7月13日


  • Added Celestial Sigil, a summoning item for the final boss. (craftable)
    • Celestial Sigilを追加 ファイナルボス(Moon Lord)の召喚アイテム クラフト品
  • Moonbite duration has been reduced by 1 second in expert mode and 3 seconds in normal mode.
    • Moonbite(HP吸収不可)の効果時間がエキスパートモードで1秒、ノーマルモードで3秒短くなった
  • Living leaf walls now count as safe for housing!
    • Living leaf wallは部屋の壁として使えるようになった
  • Buffed Phantasm a bit. (it really was bugged!)
    • Phantasmを少し強化(実は不具合だった)
  • Martian drone rarity lowered in Sky Biome (Still higher than original)
    • Martian droneが高空域で少し出やすくなった(前よりは出づらい)
  • Martian Drone now shows up on Rare Creature Finder.
    • Martian Droneがレアクリーチャーとして認識されるようになった(Lifeform Analyzerで探知できるようになった)
  • Vortex and Nebula weapons have been rebalanced to fit some bug fixes they went through.
    • VortexとNebulaの武器がバグ修正のため再調整された
  • Portal gun bolt speed quadrupled so you can no longer travel faster than your bolt.
    • プレイヤーがPortal gunの射出速度に追いつかないよう、Portal gunの速度を4倍に変更した
  • Eater of Worlds expert mode Vile Spit damage has been reduced.
    • ExpertモードのEater of WorldsのVile Spit(Corrupterの飛ばしてくる弾)の威力が減少した。
  • Damage from spikes now checks for immunity separately from other effects.
    • Spikeからのダメージは、他のダメージとは独立して受けるようになった。
New cong options
  • Added Config.json setting "ReverseUpDownForArmorSetBonuses", off by default, if you set it on: stardust and vortex armors will use the UP key instead of DOWN key to trigger set bonuses
  • Fixed Quickstack to all chests not updating recipes list.
  • Fixed "Distorted" debuff freezing players in place rather than changing their movement pattern.
  • Fixed Cute Fishron and Unicorn mounts not having their tooltips.
  • Fixed and earlier versions of worlds not loading successfully under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue where you could use items when hovering between the item slots on the bottom row of the inventory.
  • Fixed issue where Drill Containment Unit's mining code would cause unnecessary lag in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Cultists ritual blocking Martian Probe from spawning.
  • Potentially fixed Stardust Dragon desync issue.
  • Fixed Solar Tablet being usable in pre-hardmode, night time or during a solar eclipse under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed some banner names.
  • Fixed Dryad's ward buff reducing npc defense instead of buffing it (and npcs having dryads ward defense when they dont have the buff)
  • Fixed (super rare) bug where hittable projectiles showed HP on mouse hover.
  • Fixed Portal Gun's portals not allowing players to teleport to spots near nonsolid platforms.
  • Fixed Cosmic Car shadow trail glows not fading.
  • Fixed Hades/Loki's dyes causing strange behaviors.
  • Fixed some oddities about portal gates.
  • Fixed a rare lighting crash.
  • Fixed Goblin Scouts despawning not spawning.
  • Fixed vortex weapons not scaling with ranged damage or knockback.
  • Fixed bug that let you quick stack coins that were not in coin slot or hotbar to other chests.
  • Fixed bug where holding pet items would not bring up the equipment page.
  • Fixed torch dupe bug.
  • Fixed all the spider hitboxes when on walls.
  • Fixed chests which turn into big mimics on multiplayer would no longer allow destroying another chest that would be placed in their position.
  • Fixed 'final boss flies to space' bug.
  • Fixed Seedler projectiles not counting as melee / not getting flask effects.
  • Fixed Hoplite enemy javelins showing flask visual effects in singleplayer.
  • Fixed issue where WoF's 'The Hungrys ropes would turn invisible.
  • Fixed Lunar Hook not allowing you to use the hooks freely unless at least 1 is placed.
  • Fixed being able to open money trough when the game is paused.

[編集] ver 2015年7月9日




  • In addition to the fixes to Medusa's line of sight, she now makes sound and emits particles when petrifying players.
    • メデューサについて、彼女の視線の表示を表示し、石化攻撃時に攻撃音と軌跡が見えるように変更しました
  • Cactus Dresser and Pumpkin Dresser now both require the Sawmill to craft.
    • Cactus Dresser と Pumpkin Dresser は Sawmill でのクラフトになりました
  • Skeleton Mage Banner and Spider Banner have been renamed to accurately reflect against which enemies they will buff you in combat.
    • バナーの効果を正確にするため、Skeleton Mage Banner とSpider Banner の名前が変更しました
  • Enemies should no longer count towards tally counters / banners if no player has touched them before they died (i.e. random mob deaths by lava pool no longer count).
    • プレイヤーに触れずに死亡したモンスターについて、撃退カウント数に算入しないよう変更しました(すなわち、溶岩で死んだモンスターは撃退にカウントしません。)
  • When dropping a banner, enemies will now give the banner to the last player to hit them rather than the nearest player.
    • バナーの入手するプレイヤーを、一番近くのプレイヤーから最後に攻撃したプレイヤーに変更しました
  • "Dye Hard" now really requires having all of the equipment slots include dye, rather than just armor/accessory slots.
    • 実績の"Dye Hard"を入手するためには、防具・アクセサリー欄だけでなく、すべての染色が装備可能なスロットを埋める必要があります
  • In addition to the fix for Phantasm (see below), it has been slightly nerfed.
    • 新武器であるPhantasmに関しての調整(下記参照)について、少し弱体化しました
  • Vortex beater has been slightly buffed.
    • 新武器のVortex beaterに関して、少し強化しました
  • Mothron's Wings are now obtainable as a drop from Mothron after Plantera has been defeated.
    • MothronはMothron Wingsを、Plantera撃破後にドロップするようになります
  • In addition to the dye plants spelunking fix (see below) Strange Plants should now be more common.
    • 染料に関する植物の出現率をアップしました
  • Teleportation should no longer black out the screen if the end point is located on the same screen area.
    • (Rod of Discordなどで)画面内でテレポートする時は暗転しなくなった
  • Portal gun's portals now apply portal physics even to players who do not hold it, and are lost when landing or if pressing jump
  • In addition to the Martian Probe fix (see below) Martian Probes can no longer spawn near the world center, and their spawn chance has been reduced.
  • Reduced the chance of a natural Solar Eclipse happening.
    • 日食イベントの自然発生確率が低下した
  • Added Config.json setting "UseSmartAxeAfterSmartPickaxe", which is off by default. If you enable this: Smart Pickaxe would be prioritized over Smart Axe for items that can mine both.
  • Red's Yoyo & Valkyrie Yoyo are now both obtained from Red's and Lazure's developer sets, and their stats have been rebalanced.
  • Yorai's Spell no longer counts as vanity (this was not a bug)
  • Bloody Spine now required 30 Vicious Powder in its recipe.
  • You can no longer escape from the final boss's wrath.
  • Dedicated servers can now be launched with -forcepriority to override server settings file's process priority.
  • Dedicated server can now use -ip again to set their local IP address
  • Chat text should no longer draw if chat string length is zero.
  • Reduced Steam call count. (should solve most of the multiplayer framedrop issues)
  • Improved cancelling the process of joining games.
  • Reduced some packet sizes for multiplayer.
  • Fixed Pinky not appearing on life form analyzer.
  • Fixed banners not applying to melee hits (swords, maces , axes, pickaxes , etc)
  • Fixed Solar Tablet not being consumed when used in multiplayer.
  • Fixed minecart generated tracks removing wires they go through.
  • Fixed certain banners turning into other banners when placed in multiplayer.
  • Fixed (almost unnoticeable) bug where if the player comes to a standstill in multiplayer you might see them walking for another bit of time.
  • Fixed bug where cultists can respawn while Moonlord's countdown happens.
  • Fixed Sticky Dynamite tooltip.
  • Fixed Red's wings letting you noclip .
  • Fixed Fireplace not counting as a light source for houses.
  • Fixed Invasion progress going negative in Frost/Pumpkin Moon if you exceed ~32k points in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Tax Collector not granting money in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Eye of Cthulu dealing WAYYYYY too much damage in normal mode.
  • Fixed issue that caused maps to go black along with a handful of related issues.
  • Fixed issue where you could get new characters with the 6th accessory slot unlocked.
  • Fixed walls not framing properly in camera mode snapshots.
  • Fixed electrocution debuff being removable by right clicking.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies between minimap heads and character heads .
  • Fixed some typos regarding item tooltips.
  • Fixed hittable enemy projectiles not scaling in expert mode.
  • Fixed Solar Shields drawing even when you're dead.
  • Fixed certain items continuing their use even if you're under heavy crowd control (petrified , frozen , etc).
  • Fixed Skyware Sink requiring the Living Loom to craft.
  • Fixed bug where worms would leave floating heads around when dying in multiplayer (hopefully!)
  • Fixed 'out of bounds' very rare crash with smart cursor.
  • Fixed Shadow Orbs spawning in Crimson worlds by mistake.
  • Fixed air items being left over when monsters pick up coins in expert mode.
  • Fixed Familiar Wig requiring a hair dye in order to apply normal dyes to itself.
  • Fixed enemies despawning when hit by weak attacks with high armor penetration (bosses not dropping loot bags).
  • Fixed Martian Saucer and Flying Dutchman having invisible, invincible pieces in multiplayer.
  • Fixed loot from fishing not being highlighted in the highlight system.
  • Fixed Fireblossoms not fiercely glowing when in bloom.
  • Fixed certain achievements not being obtainable in multiplayer (you should now be able to get them all).
  • Fixed beekeeper and beetle offense proccing their effects on dummies.
  • Fixed 'quick stack to all chests' potentially eating loot in old/modded worlds.
  • Fixed Solar debuff spreading to friendly NPCs, killing them.
  • Fixed high velocities allowing players to travel through blocks.
  • Fixed Target Dummies sometime being invisible in multiplayer.
  • Fixed fishing achievements not being counted on Steam / resetting on startup.
  • Fixed recalling while renaming a chest would lock your controls out until a restart.
  • Fixed weird interactions between dashing and ropes.
  • Fixed bug where Phantasm dealt unintentional high damage.
  • Fixed dye plants not glowing to spelunking effects.
  • Fixed Booster tracks not switching directions in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Medusa petrifying players who are out of her vision.
  • Fixed Corites not charging at players who are unreachable.
  • Fixed Alien Vortexes and Lightning Vortexes spawning in places where they are ineffective.
  • Fixed Martian Probe / Cultists spawning while other important things are happening (boss fights, invasions)
  • Fixed a large multitude of NPCs not dropping their banners / counting tally.
  • Fixed Goblin Archer not counting tally / dropping his banner.
  • Fixed controls being reversed for Anti-Gravity hook when used in Reverse Gravity.
  • Fixed Extractinator drops appearing weirdly when used in Reverse Gravity.
  • Fixed Moonlord's body parts not showing display names.
  • Fixed Plantera flag not triggering for non-English users.
  • Fixed being unable to leave settings menu under rare and unfortunate circumstances.
  • Fixed parallax not loading correctly.
  • Fixed 'falling blocks over door' dupe bug.
  • Fixed Cultists sinking into the floor in multiplayer rarely.
  • Fixed falling blocks not taking actuated tiles into account.
  • (Potentially) Fixed boss bags disappearing after death.
  • Fixed Portal Gun right click working in Camera Mode.
  • Fixed thick cursor point being the inner edge's and not the outer's.
  • Fixed Stardust Dragon size going bonkers.
  • Fixed mobs targeting hardcore player ghosts.
  • Fixed Martian Probe detecting players above it.
  • Fixed miscellaneous chat tag errors.

[編集] ver 2015年7月2日


  • When using leftshift on inventory while in shop, you now have an indicator that you're selling items.
    • 店にいるときにインベントリで左シフトを押すと、アイテムを売ろうとしているインジケータが表示されるようになりました。
  • You can now quickly move items between your chest and the inventory by using leftshift.
    • チェストとインベントリを左シフトを使うことで素早く移動できるようになりました。
  • Stardust Guardian is now dyable with your vanity pet dye (have some creative fun!).
    • Stardust Guardianはvanity pet dyeで染色可能になりました。
  • Areas you have not seen will now be black in camera mode.
    • カメラモードで見たことのないエリアは黒くなるようになりました。
  • Added 'Highlight New Items' General Settings Option, on by default: Highlights any new item you pick up in your inventory.
    • General Setting Optionに'Highlight New Items'(デフォルトでオン)が追加されました:拾った新しいアイテムがインベントリ内でハイライトされるようになりました
  • Duct-taped multiplayer for good luck and stability*.
  • You should now have an easier time reporting errors if they happen on a server.
    • サーバでエラーが発生したときの報告が簡単になったと思います。
  • The final bosses leech debuff has been overhauled... (spoilers).
    • ラスボスのleechデバフを見直しました。
  • You can no longer put torches on tiles you are not supposed to (metal bars, etc).
    • torchを予想外の場所(金属の延べ棒など)に置いてしまうことがなくなりました。
  • Old and corrupt worlds will now display on the world list marked with a red name.
    • 古いワールドが、ワールドリスト上で赤い名前で表示されるようになりました。
  • Increased Martian's drone health to 500.
    • Martian's droneのライフを500に増やしました。
New config options
  • Added Config.json setting "UseSmartWallReplacement", on by default, if you set it off: automatic wall replacement while building will be disabled
  • Added Config.json setting "UseSmartCursorForCommonBlocks", off by default, if you set this on: 1.2.4's smart block placement will be re-enabled
  • Added Config.json setting "DisableLeftShiftTrashCan", off by default, if you set this on: Quicktrash will be ENTIRELY disabled
  • Added Config.json setting "HidePasswords", off by default, if you set this on: all passwords in the client will appear as Asterisks (*)
  • Added Config.json setting "ThickMouseEdges", off by default, if you set this on: your mouse will have thick borders colored by "ThickMouseEdgesPackedCOlor"'s color
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed 'event' achievements not being granted in multiplayer ("You can do it!", "It's Hard!", "No Hobo" and so on)
  • Fixed Truffle worm not spawning
  • Fixed 'Funkytown' achievement will no longer be granted after respawning from death in the glowing mushroom biome.
  • Fixed Gypsy Robe bottoms being genderbent.
  • Fixed Daybreak's, Stardust Dragon and Stardust Cell Staff's gold values
  • Fixed some server crashes (portals, lunar shields)
  • Fixed numerous attack forms not being synced server-side (unicorn mount, slime mount, solar dash, EoC dash, etc)
  • Fixed achievements menu slider bar hanging on top of screen if all filters are disabled
  • Fixed Armed Eskimo Zombies not dropping their proper gore
  • Fixed bug where traps could critically hit
  • Fixed issue where banners could be placed on closed trap doors
  • Fixed Quickstack stacking items of max stack 1 and quick stacking coins from your inventory
  • Fixed Quickstack eating coins
  • Fixed crash in LookForColorTiles
  • Fixed excessive net synchronization on some cases
  • Fixed Team Dye not stacking correctly
  • Fixed crash when saving old worlds
  • Fixed issue where banning was ineffective (including ports...)
  • Fixed Loki's dye missing the common developer's tooltip
  • Fixed Staff of Regrowth Moss growing feature not working in multiplayer
  • Fixed channelled weapons being halted from use when you hover over information icons
  • Fixed Phantasm arrows exploit allowing you to get more arrows than you use
  • Fixed Horseman's blade not summoning pumpkins against Lunar invasion enemies
  • Fixed dupe bug with Item Frames
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't remove an item from the Item Frame if you had a favorite item selected
  • Fixed bug where Config.json's "FrameSkip" was written in reverse compared to ingame
  • Fixed Nymph not having rarity on Lifeform Analyzer
  • Fixed Srollers dealing unintentionally high damage
  • Fixed Developer armor wings gold costs
  • Fixed Frozen Campfire showing Ichor Campfire icon when aimed on the rightmost tile
  • Fixed Bee gun being unable to critically hit
  • Fixed Torch dupe bug
  • Fixed numerous desync issues in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where world and player names containing various characters would causes crashes and strange behavior when using cloud saving and favoriting.
  • Fixed an issue where corrupt configuration files would cause crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where you could invite players to your previous game while in single player.
  • Fixed an issue where joining a game from outside of the game would cause an uncancellable joining screen to display.
  • Fixed an issue where the password box would sometimes not show up.
  • Setting your resolution while in fullscreen mode will now apply correctly.
  • Fixed numerous potential multiplayer exploits
  • Fixed issue where players could hack themselves "difficulty 3".

[編集] ver 2015年6月30日


  • Multicore lighting will now be disabled for everyone, although you may reenable it in the settings.
    • 表示に関するオプションの"Multicore lighting"が、デフォルトではOFFになりました。ONにするには設定で変更してください
  • Fixed issue with bubbles and reversed gravity.
    • 泡と重力逆転に関するバグを修正しました
  • Fixed several crashes.
    • いくつかの異常終了するバグを修正しました
  • "Star Power" and "Get A Life" achievements will no longer be granted upon entering a world.
    • 実績の"Star Power" と "Get A Life" が、ワールドへのログイン時に付与される問題を修正
  • Fixed an issue with black squares appearing on backgrounds when using retro lighting.
    • retro lighting を使用した際に、背景に黒い四角が表示される問題を修正
  • Capture mode will now disable itself if your computer cannot handle it.
    • コンピューターがキャプチャーモードに対応していない場合、モードを無効します
  • Fixed a stacking issue with wires.
    • ワイヤーを重ねた際に起こる問題を解決
  • Made the "Rock Bottom" achievement slightly easier to get.
    • 実績の"Rock Bottom"の取得条件の緩和
  • Various Balance tweaks
    • 様々なバランスの調整
  • You will now be able to enter the password every time when entering or creating a server.
    • サーバに入場したり、作成したりするときに毎回パスワードを入力できるようになりました。
  • Many issues with the dedicated server and its configurations have been resolved.
    • 専用サーバと設定に関する多くの問題を解決しました。
  • Fixed an issue where users would be unable to invite eachother when in "Invite Only" mode.
    • ユーザが"Invite Only"モードで互いに招待できない問題を解決しました。
  • IMPORTANT: Due to some changes in this hotfix, multiplayer will not be compatible between and previous versions.
    • 重要:この修正のいくつかの変更によって、マルチプレイヤーは1.3.0.2やそれ以前のバージョンとの互換性がなくなりました。
  • New Dedicated Server Software can be downloaded from any of the previous links or by clicking HERE
    • 新しい専用サーバソフトは過去のリンクや、[ここ]をクリックするとダウンロードできます。

[編集] ver 1.3 2015年6月30日


Features and Mechanics


  • Revamped Town NPCs. They now sit, avoid monsters, socialize, avoid sitting near chests, and fight back against threats!
    • NPCの行動が変わりました 椅子に座る モンスターを避ける 社交的になった Chestから離れる 反撃します
  • Chest open/close is now animated.
    • Chestを開いたり閉じたりする際アニメーションするようになった
  • You can now join multiplayer games through Steam.
    • Steamを通してマルチプレイヤに参加できます
  • Steam Cloud saving is now available.
    • Steamによるクラウドセーブができるようになりました
  • Achievements are now available through Steam and in game.
    • Steamとゲーム内実績機能が追加
  • Character Select Menu has been revamped to show additional character information.
    • キャラクターを選択する時、情報の追加がされます
  • You can now toggle Screen Capture mode by pressing F1. This allows for taking much larger screenshots in game.
    • F1キーを押して、画面キャプチャモードを切り替えることができます。大きいスクリーンショットを取れます
  • Your abilities while mounting have been enhanced - fishing and attacking while mounted are now possible..
  • Added the option to disable Blood and Gore.
    • 出血などの過激表現を無効にするオプションが追加されました
  • You can now find the Skeleton Merchant underground. He has some unique items to sell, if you catch him at the right time.
    • Skeleton Merchant(NPC)にundergroundにて出会うことができます。ユニークなアイテムを売ってくれるでしょう
  • There are several new appearance options available during character creation.
  • Enemy Banners now empower players nearby when facing the same enemy displayed on the banner.
    • バナーの近くにいるとそのバナーと同じモンスターに対するbuff効果が乗る
  • Worlds now keep track of how many enemies have been killed and reward banners for every 50 kills.
    • モンスターの討伐数がカウントされ、50匹倒すごとにバナーが手に入ります
  • The server will announce which player got the 50th kill.
    • プレイヤーが50回倒す?倒される?とサーバーからアナウンスされる
  • When chatting with other players using the Chat Bar, you can now link items by pressing Shift+Left Click on the item you wish to share.
    • チャットバーを使用して他のプレイヤーとチャットするとき、Shiftキー+左クリックを押してアイテムの情報を添付することができる
  • The angler always rewards money.
    • Anglerクエストでは毎回お金が貰えるように
  • You can now remove spawn points by right clicking your bed.
    • Bedに右クリックしてスポーンポイントを削除できます
  • You now get fishing rewards for every 5 turn ins, versus the previous requirement of 10.
    • 釣りのクエスト報酬が10回毎から5回毎に
  • The game will now tell you how much money you dropped upon death.
    • 死亡時にお金をどのくらいドロップしたかを通知
  • The player's last death location is now shown on the map, aiding the retrieval of lost money and/or items..
    • playerの死亡場所をmapに表示。なくしたお金やアイテムの検索支援
  • Strange Plants can now be located and given to the Dye Trader for new dye rewards.
    • Strange Plantsが追加され、Dye Traderに渡すと新しいdye報酬を得る
  • Information Accessories now work from the player's inventory (versus needing to be equipped), and stats can be shared with players around you.
    • 情報アクセサリー(~Watch,GPSなど)の装備は必要なくなり、インベントリにあるだけで表示され周りのプレイヤーとも共有される
  • Dressers can now be used as chests. Clicking the bottom of the dresser will still open the color changing menu.
    • Dresserchestとしても使えるようになった。Dresserの下をクリックすると今までの服装の色を変えれる
  • You can now purchase items using all money in your character storage - including money in your inventory, Piggybank, and Safe.
    • インベントリ内、Piggy BankSafeのお金が統合されアイテムを購入できるようになりました
  • You can now hammer traps to change their direction of fire.
    • トラップの向きをハンマーで変えられるようになりました
  • Deleting a world or character will now move it to the recycle bin versus permanent deletion. (Windows Only)
    • world、characterを削除した際、ごみ箱に移動する(Windows のみ)
  • Added Minecart, Mount, Pet and Grappling Hook slots.
    • Minecart、マウント、ペット、グラップリングフックの専用スロットが追加
  • Bosses now have minimap icons.
    • Bossがミニマップに表示されるようになった
  • Bubbles and lava immunity bars now appear above your head.
    • 空気、Lavaの耐久表示がプレイヤーの頭上に表示されるようになった
  • Added ability to favorite items by pressing Alt+Left Click. Favorited items cannot be quick-trashed, quick-stacked, or deposited.
    • Altキー+左クリックに押すことによって、お気に入りアイテム機能を追加。お気に入りアイテムは「Trash Can」、「Deposit All」、「Quick Stack」を無効にする
  • Added an inventory button to Quick Stack to All Nearby Chests, making inventory management much quicker.
    • 近くのChestに対しまとめてQuick Stackができるボタンを追加、インベントリ整理をよりすばやく行えるように
  • Quick stack now creates new stacks in your chests for items you have in inventory if applicable.
    • Quick Stackした際に、可能ならばインベントリ内のアイテムをチェスト内に新たなStackとして収納できる(お気に入り設定してないアイテムはすべてチェストに放り込むということかと)
  • The Dye System has been overhauled to improve the general appearance of all Dyes.
    • すべてのDyeの見た目を向上してDyeシステムを見直した
  • Crafting Grid button now has new graphics for toggling.
    • Craftingの(ボタン?)グラフィックが変わる
  • Smart Cursor now also works for Paintbrush, Paint Roller, Paint Scraper, Buckets, Alchemy, Acorns, and Actuators.
  • Platforms will now automatically place as stairs if placed appropriately using Smart Cursor.
    • Smart CursorでPlatformを斜めに設置すると自動的に階段になる
  • You can now right click clickable tiles when the mouse is hovering on them in Smart Cursor.
    • Smart Cursor使用中でもクリック可能なタイルを右クリックできるように
Expert Mode
  • Expert mode can now be toggled in the World Creation Menu. This will trigger a host of changes,
    all designed to provide a greater challenge with the promise of greater rewards. Some of those challenges are listed below:
    • Expert modeはワールド作成時に選択できます 報酬などが増えます
  • You stay dead longer before being able to respawn during boss fights.
    • ボス戦闘時はリスポーンの時間が長くなります
  • You drop 75% of your gold upon death.
    • プレイヤー死亡時のドロップ金額が75%になります
  • Enemies can pick up your gold when you die and attempt to run off with it. Kill them to retrieve your loot.
    • モンスターはプレイヤー死亡時のお金を持っていきます 倒すと回収できます
  • Monsters may have a chance to spawn in usually-safe places, like your town/NPC housing.
    • NPCの家など安全な場所でも敵がスポーンします
  • Some normal enemies have been given new AI.
    • 通常モンスターも新たなAIが増えます
  • Bosses have been given new AI.
    • ボスのAIが変わっています
  • Bosses will drop Treasure Bags containing powerful expert exclusive items to reward those up to the challenge.
    • ボスのドロップにTreasure Bagなど強力なアイテムが増えます
  • Pots now drop more stuff when broken.
    • ツボなどを破壊した時、ドロップ量が増えます
  • Ice Monsters gain an additional chance to freeze upon hitting the player.
    • 氷雪の敵に接触した時にFreeze(デバフ)状態になる確率が上がります
  • Quest rewards give more money.
    • Questで貰えるお金が増えます
  • Bats have a 10% chance to give the new Feral Bite debuff. This debuff will increase player damage by 20% but lower player health regen by 50%.
    This debuff will also cause other random debuffs to be applied to the player
    • Bat系の敵から10%の確率でFeral Biteの新デバフを受けます ダメージが20%増え、自然回復力が50%になり ランダムで他のデバフも付く
  • Life Regen isn't as effective unless the player has the Well Fed buff.
    • Well Fed状態以外での自然回復力が低下します
  • Vampire and Spectre healing is slightly less effective than in normal mode.
  • The Defense statistic is more effective than in normal mode.
    • ノーマルモードに比べ防御力の影響を受けやすくなります
  • Invasion Events now have a progress bar, showing how far along the player is towards completion.
    • 侵略イベントでは進捗インジゲージが表示されます
  • The new randomly-triggered Slime Rain event is now included.
    • Slime Rainという新たなイベントが実装されます
  • The Goblin Invasion event has been graphically updated and will have a new mini boss enemy in Hardmode.
    • ゴブリンイベントのグラフィックが変更され、ハードモードの時はミニボスが発生します
  • The Pirate Invasion has a new mini boss.
    • 海賊イベントで新たなミニボスが追加されます
  • The Blood Moon has a new graphical effect as well as several new enemies.
    • Blood Moonのグラフィックが一新され、新たな敵が追加されます
  • The Solar Eclipse can now be triggered with the Solar Tablet summoning item. This event also has several new enemies and rewards.
    • Solar Eclipseを発生させるアイテム、新たな敵およびドロップアイテムが追加されます
  • The new Martian Madness event can be triggered after the player defeats The Golem.
    • Martian MadnessというイベントをGolem撃破後に発生させることができるようになります
  • Cultists will now begin to spawn outside the Dungeon after the player defeats The Golem. Defeating them will start the beginning of the end.
    • Golem撃破後にDungeon周辺でCultistsがスポーンします、彼らを倒すと何かが始まります
  • You can now craft items from a chest while it is open without having to place its contents in the player inventory beforehand..
    • あらかじめプレイヤーのインベントリにアイテムを置かなくても、開けている状態のchestからクラフトできるようになった。
  • There is a new Alchemy Table that has a chance to reduce potion crafting cost.
    • ポーション制作コストを低減する可能性を持つ新しい錬金術テーブルが追加されます。
  • Crafting Wooden Arrows now gives 10 per recipe instead of 5. Their cost has been reduced to 5 copper.
    • Wooden Arrowを作成する際に5本ずつだったものを10本ずつに増やし、購入時は1本当り5Copper Coinに値下げ
  • You can now craft Bone Platforms.
  • Greater Healing Potions now cost less to craft.
  • Holy Water is now slightly easier to craft.
  • You now craft Cursed, Demon, Frost, Ichor, and Ultrabright Living Fire Blocks.
    • Cursed, Demon, Frost, Ichor, Ultrabright Living Fire Block のブロックが作れるようになった
  • You can now craft Gender Change potions.
    • Gender Change potion性別変更ポーション(?)を作ることができるようになりました
  • You can now craft the Wormhole Potion. This potion allows you to teleport to any player on your team by clicking them on the map.
    • Wormhole Potionを作ることができます。Map上のチームプレイヤーを選択すると、その場所へテレポートします
  • You can now craft Honeyfall Blocks and Walls.
  • You can now craft Chlorophyte Bricks and Walls.
  • You can now craft Crimtane Bricks and Walls.
  • You can now craft Shroomite Plating and Walls.
  • Beenades can now be crafted.
    • Beenadeを作ることができる
  • Water Candles can now be crafted.
  • You can now craft Crisp Honey Blocks.
  • You can now craft Sunplate Blocks and Disc Walls.
  • You can now craft Keys of Light and Keys of Night.
    • Keys of Light と Keys of Night が作れるようになった
  • Pink Gel - and several items that are crafted from Pink Gel - have been added.
    • Pink Gelアイテム追加 またその素材から作れるものも
  • You can now craft Magic Water Droppers.
  • You can now craft Meteor Bricks and furniture.
  • You can now craft Granite and Marble furniture.
    • Granite(花崗岩または御影石)、 Marble(大理石)の家具を作ることができます
  • Martian Furniture can now be crafted.
    • 火星の家具が作れるようになった
  • You can now craft Enchanted Nightcrawlers.
  • Lowered the cost for Meteor Gear.
    • Meteoriteを素にしたコストが下がった
  • Space Gun now only requires Meteorite Bars.
  • Crimtane and Demonite bars now cost 3 ore.
  • You can now craft Target Dummies to test your damage per second.
    • Target Dummie(標的)を作ることができます。damage per second(DPS 1秒あたりのダメージ量)をテストできる
  • Avenger Emblems are now crafted from any emblem and all 3 hardmode boss souls.
    • Avenger Emblemが単品のエンブレムとhardmodeのbossがドロップする3種のsoulで作れるようになります
  • Neptune's Shell is no longer craftable and is only dropped from the Creature from the Deep.
    • Neptune's Shellが作れなくなり、海のモンスターからのドロップのみとなる
  • Reduced the crafting cost of Rainbow Rod, Fairy Bell, and Magical Harp.
  • Broken Hero Sword is no longer needed to craft the Terra Blade.
  • You can now craft Spectre Bars.
  • Fireplaces and Chimneys are now craftable.
    • 暖炉と煙突が作れるようになった
  • Phasesabers are now crafted at a Mythril Anvil.


  • Platforms now stack to 999.
  • A new friendly NPC - The Tax Collector - will join you if rescued.
    • 友好NPC:税務署員追加、救助後に仲間になります
  • You can now revert Platforms back to their original materials via crafting.
    • Platformを元の素材に戻せるように、どの素材のPlatformでも可能
  • Corrupt and Crimson Trees now drop Acorns.
    • Corrupt treeとCrimson TreeがAcornをドロップするように
  • Coins are now animated.
    • Coinが動くように(クルクルその場で回る)
  • You can now automatically break stone piles when trying to place things over them.
  • There are now visible cracks shown on solid blocks and trees when they have been hit.
    • 固体のブロックや木を破壊する時、破壊状況がヒビが入ることで確認できるように
  • You can now mouse over signs to read them versus having to click on them.
    • Signの上にマウスを持っていくだけで内容が読めるように(今まではクリックしないといけなかった)
  • Revamped liquid networking code to be much less laggy in multiplayer.
    • オンラインでの液体処理を改善し、マルチプレイ時の液体のラグを少なく
  • Pots now drop more money based on the type of pot.
    • Potからお金が今までよりドロップするように
  • Pots will now drop an additional 10% more money for every boss and invasion you defeat.
    • Bossを倒したり襲撃イベントをクリアするとPotから10%多くお金がドロップするように
  • Living Wood chests will now always contain a Living Wood Wand and Leaf Wand.
  • You no longer take fall damage while on Bunny Mount.
    • Fuzzy Carrotで召喚できる騎乗型ペットのBunnyに乗っている間は落下ダメージが無効になるように
  • Copper, Iron, Silver, and Gold have all been given new ore textures.
  • The Axe now has a 1 in 50 chance to drop from Plantera, down from 1 in 200.
    • The Axeのドロップ率を200回中1個から50回中1個に緩和
  • Voodoo Demons now spawn more often
  • Golden Critters now have a chance to spawn.
    • Golden Critter(鳥やリスなどの動物)がスポーンするように
  • Event enemies now run away when the event is over.
    • イベントで出てきたMobはイベント終了後逃げるように
  • NPCs now only load their textures when they get in screen range.
    • NPCはプレイ画面に移るまでテクスチャーがロードされないように
  • Setting the window's resolution to a greater value than the maximum will now attempt to maintain its aspect ratio. (eg 2560x1440 will no-longer downscale to 1920x1200, but instead 1920x1080)
    • ウィンドウサイズをモニター画面より大きいサイズにした時アスペクト比が維持されるように(例:2560×1440は1920×1200ではなく1920×1080となる)
  • has been optimized.
    • Rain(雨)の描写を最適化
  • Bees can fall through platforms.
    • BeeがPlatformを通り抜けるように
  • Smart Wall is now properly blocked by doors even if they're open.
    • Doorが開いていてもドアの所にきちんとSmart CursorでWallを貼り付けをするように
  • Undead Miners now have a chance to drop Mining Helmets.
  • Tim is more likely to spawn if you need his hat.
    • Timのスポーン確率を上昇
  • Critters now have a sell price.
    • Critter(うさぎとか)を売る時ちゃんとお金がもらえるように
  • Well Fed buff times have been increased
  • Wyverns spawn more frequently if there is a Water Candle buff in effect.
  • Fixed health bar issues for Wyvern and Destroyer.
  • Players now spawn with half their life if the player's max health is greater than 5 hearts.
    • プレイヤーの最大HPが5ハート以上の場合、現在HPはその半分でスポーンするように
  • The Painter NPC now shows up after 8 npcs are in town, instead of 4.
    • Painterは総NPC数8人でやってくるように(今までは4人)
  • The Party Girl NPC now only shows up if there are 14 npcs, instead of 8.
    • Party Girlは総NPC数14人でやってくるように(今までは8人)
  • The Dye Trader NPC now only shows up after defeating any of the easymode bosses.
    • Dye Traderはeasymodeのボスを一体でも倒せばやってくるように
  • Changed the spawn order for Town NPCs so that the more important ones spawn first.
    • 重要なNPCほどスポーンするのが早くなるようにNPC出現条件を変更
  • Chlorophyte can grow in bigger chunks now.
  • Life fruit can spawn closer together now.
    • Life Fruitのすぐ近くに別のLife fruitがスポーンするように
  • King slime can now move through platforms
  • Improved summoned minions attack AI.
    • minionの攻撃AIを向上
  • Unicorns are more likely to spawn if a Water Candle buff is in effect.
  • Some Underworld drops are now a little more common.
    • The Underworldのドロップアイテムのいくつかが出やすくなった
  • Angry Nimbus more likely to spawn.
  • You can now find Crimson, Corruption, and Hallowed Large Mimics.
    • Crimson Large Mimic、Corruption Large Mimic、Hallowed Large Mimicを追加
  • Spiders can now move through platforms.
    • SpiderがPlatformを通り抜けるように
  • You can no longer grapple while frozen.
    • 凍結の状態異常中はHookなどでつかまれないように
  • Sky quest fish can no longer be found on the surface.
    • Sky quest fishは地上では見つからないように
  • Reduced the number of water tiles needed to fish successfully in the sky.
    • Skyでの釣りの際に必要な水ブロック数を減らした
  • Hornets and Walkers will no longer shoot at you while Stealthed.
    • HornetとWalkerはプレイヤーが透明化中は遠距離射撃しないように
  • Underground houses have been redesigned.
    • Underground house(Room?)のデザインを変更
  • Coin Portals have a chance to spawn after breaking pots.
    • Coin PortalがPot破壊時に確率で出現するように
  • Blink Root growth has been slowed down.
  • Daybloom growth has been sped up.
  • It now takes longer for weeds to grow in clay pots.
    • Clay Potで種を育てた時の成長速度を減少
  • Meteorites spawn in larger chunks.
    • Meteoriteが今までより広い範囲にできるように
  • Damage dealt by others in multiplayer now appears faded vs normal damage numbers.
    • マルチプレイでの他のプレイヤーからのダメージ表示が、次第に消えていくようなエフェクトに
  • Weapon Imbues now last 20 minutes and persist through death.
    • フラスコの持続時間を20分にし、死亡しても効果が切れないように
  • Increased some of the spawn rates for the rare hardmode dungeon monsters.
  • Dungeon Necromancers are less likely to teleport when hit.
    • DungeonのNecromancerがダメージを受けた際にテレポートする確率を減
  • Frost Armor is now crafted from Titanium and Adamantite bars rather than Hallowed.
  • Chlorophyte can now revert Corruption or Crimson spread. It also turns nearby dirt into mud.
    • Chlorophyte OreがCorruptionもしくはCrimsonで増殖するように、DirtをMudに変えて増殖を行う
  • Equipment slots now display a picture of the slots purpose.
    • 装備スロットに装備箇所に応じたアイコンを表示するように
  • Duke Fishron now enrages when you leave the ocean.
    • Duke Fishronはプレイヤーが海を離れると怒り狂うようになる
  • Pygmy's now have a chance to inflict poison and venom.
    • Pygmy Staffの攻撃に確率で毒、猛毒付与が追加された
  • Pygmy's now have a larger range and the first projectile thrown will always pierce rather than getting stuck.
    • Pygmyの攻撃頻度、攻撃範囲、投擲した槍の速度が上昇した
  • King Slime can now teleport when not in range of the player for over 5 seconds.
    • King Slimeはプレイヤーを5秒以上見失うとテレポートするように
  • There are over 800 new items to discover.
    • 800以上の新しいアイテムができました
  • There are new powerful items waiting to be fished up in the underground Crimson, Corruption, and Hallow.
  • All 2x2 items can now be placed on tables.
    • 大きさが2x2(chestなど)のアイテムは、テーブル上に配置することができます
  • Item stack sizes are now universal.
    • アイテムのスタックサイズは、普遍的なものです。(?)
  • Wooden Minecarts are now the default minecart.
    • Wooden Minecartはデフォルトのminecartです。
  • Added several Yoyos, string accessories, and counterweights.
    • Yoyo(ヨーヨー)、string accessories(糸)counterweight(おもり)を追加しました。
  • Several items have had graphical updates.
    • いくつかのアイテムは、見た目が変わりました。
  • Lots of new banners have been added.
    • 多くの新しいバナーが追加されました。
  • Signs and Tombstones can now be placed on tables.
    • SignTombstoneは、テーブルに配置することができます
  • Staff of Regrowth has been greatly improved.
  • The range of Wrenches and Wire Cutters has been boosted.
  • Slightly buffed the damage of the Musket.
  • The Titanium Armor invincibility armor set effect now only happens once every 30s.
    • Titanium Armorのセット効果が30秒ごとに1回のみ発生します
  • Adamantite Armor now provides 4 more defense.
    • AdamantiteのArmorの防御力が4上がる
  • Honeyed Goggles drop chance has been increased significantly.
  • Whoopie Cushion drop chance has been increased.
  • Bug net is now only 50 silver.
    • Bug Netの値段が下がる(1Gold -> 50Silver)
  • Significantly boosted the speed bonus of the Magic Quiver.
  • Increased the length of time for Spider Turret, Crimson Rod, Nimbus Rod.
  • Chests are now more likely to contain Recall Potions.
  • You can now craft Sticky and Bouncy Dynamite.
  • You can now find the Sparky Painting in the Dungeon. RIP Sparky Doo.
    • 「RIP Sparky Doo」作のthe SparkyがDungeonで見つけることができる
  • Molotov Cocktails now do significantly less damage.
  • Bottled water now stacks to 999.
  • Improved Spider Minion AI. They now latch on to enemies and follow the player better.
  • Fountains now cost 4 gold each and are available as soon as you get the Witch Doctor.
    • Witch Doctorの売るFountainが有料(4Gold)になって、直ぐに購入できるようになった
  • The Recall Potion recipe now utilizes Daybloom instead of Deathweed.
  • Spectral fish are a bit easier to catch.
  • Bait now lasts a bit longer.
    • Bait(餌)が長持ちするようになった
  • The Snowball Launcher and Snowball Cannon now have more damage and knockback.
  • Ice Blade does slightly more damage.
  • Increased critical hit bonus from Jungle Armor and Ancient Cobalt Armor
  • Shiverthorn grows a little faster.
  • Deathweed now also blooms on full moons.
  • Fireblossom now blooms during the evening.
  • Ice Rod is less expensive, and the blocks have a longer duration.
    • Ice Rodが安くなり効果が長くなった
  • Mana potions are less expensive and stack higher.
  • Shadow Chests now contain a new item.
  • Several new fishing rewards have been added.
    • 釣りの報酬が追加されました
  • You can now catch Specular Fish in the Ice Biome.
    • アイスバイオームでSpecular Fishが釣れるようになった(今までは森林のみ)
  • You can now fish for biome-exclusive crates in their respective biomes.
    • バイオームごとに専用Crateを釣ることができます
  • Wooden Chests contain several new items.
    • Chestに新しいアイテムが含まれています。
  • You can now craft Web and Silk Rope.
    • Web、Silk Ropeが作れる
  • Snow Balls now do more damage.
  • Snowball Launcher and Cannon have had their values adjusted .
  • Boomerangs have a smaller collision box for tiles.
    • ブーメランのブロックへの当たり判定を小さくします
  • Dynamite's value has been lowered.
    • ダイナマイトの値(値段?)が下がった
  • Jungle Bats, Ice Bats, and Giant Bats now drop Depth Meter.
  • Mother Slime, Snow Flinx, Undead Viking, and Armored Viking now drop the Compass.
  • Beach Ball is now sold by the Party Girl.
  • Ice Boomerang and Ice Blade have been buffed.
  • Baby Jellyfish now have a sell price.
    • Jellyfishに売価が付くようになった
  • Rotten Eggs are now less common in Goodie Bags.
  • Pinky has an increased chance to drop the Slime Staff.
  • Lesser Restoration Potions are now just Restoration Potions.
  • The Solidifier now drops from King Slime.
  • Gold Ring now drops from the Pirate Invasion.
  • Uzi droprate has been increased.
    • Uziのドロップ率が上がった
  • Sniper Rifle now does more damage and has an increased fire rate.
  • Venus Magnum now fires faster.
  • Invisibility Potions now give full invisibility and reduce aggro when not attacking.
    • Invisibility Potionを使うと完全不可視(防具も消える?)状態になり、 攻撃しない限りヘイトを下げる
  • Adamantite and Titanium Forges are now animated.
  • Dye Vat is now animated.
    • Dye Vatがアニメーションする
  • You can now place fishing crates.
    • fishing crate(Wooden Crate等)を置くことができます。
  • Jungle Grubs now fall out of Jungle Plants and can be used as bait.
    • ジャングルの中の幼虫は今ジャングル植物から落ちるし、餌として使用することができます。
  • Star in a Bottle now gives the Mana Regen buff.
  • Extractinators can now be found in Fishing Crates.
  • You can now place torches on platforms.
  • Increased Antlion Mandible drop rate significantly.
  • Increased Mining Potion duration.
  • Sickle is now sold year long.
    • ハロウィン時にのみ販売されていたSickleがいつでも買えるようになる
  • Planter Boxes are now sold by the Dryad.
  • Cobalt, Obsidian, Mythril, Adamantite, Mythril Brick, and Adamantite Brick all have new textures.
    • Cobalt、Obsidian、Mythril、Adamantite、Mythril、Adamantiteのレンガが新しいテクスチャになる
  • Fire Gauntlet has been buffed.
  • Buffed Ice Sickle and its drop rate.
    • Ice Sickleが強化され、ドロップ率も上昇
  • Increased the drop rates for most Hardmode Dungeon items.
    • HardmodeのDungeonアイテムのドロップ率を増加
  • There is a 1 in 7 chance that a Hardmode Dungeon monster will spawn on any Hardmode Dungeon backwall.
    • HardmodeのDungeonのモンスターが?(今まで3種のbackwallでspawnするモンスターが決まっていたのが、7分の1の確率で別のbackwallのモンスターもspawnするということでは?)
  • Dungeon Spirit spawns have been slightly increased.
  • Hydra and Spider Turret can now be placed on platforms.
  • Keys to Biome Chests are now dropped instead of molds. Biome Chests can only be opened after Plantera has been defeated.
    • Key Moldが削除され(?)、Biome ChestのKeyがドロップするようになる。Biome Chestはプランテラ撃破後にしか開けられなくなる
  • Added Fallen Tuxedo. This is sold by the Clothier on a Bloodmoon.
  • Campfires can now be turned on/off.
  • Lihzahrd Furnace is now guaranteed loot in every Jungle Temple chest.
  • Steampunk Wings are now obtainable.
  • Staff of Earth has been buffed.
  • Golem Fist has been buffed.
  • Xmas Tree Sword has been buffed.
  • Flamelash has been buffed.
  • Spectre Staff has been buffed.
  • Flower Pow has been buffed.
  • Frost Staff has been buffed.
  • Trident has been buffed.
  • KO Cannon has been buffed.
  • Flower of Frost has been buffed.
  • Flower of Fire has been buffed.
  • Lockblade has been buffed.
  • Magnet Sphere has been buffed.
  • Possessed Hatched has been buffed.
  • Razorblade Typhoon now uses more mana.
  • Flamelash and Flower of Fire now use less mana.
  • Ice Rod blocks are now slippery.
    • Ice Rodのブロックが滑りやすいようになりました
  • Hardmode Ore crafted swords and Excalibur are now auto swing and do 15% more damage.
    • Hardmode鉱石の剣やExcaliburは自動スイングで15%のダメージ増加
  • Chlorophyte Swords have been buffed.
  • Bait can be put in ammo slot.
    • Bait(餌)をammoスロットに置くことができます


  • Added several new mini biomes to world gen.
    • 新たにミニバイオームをいくつか追加
  • New Biome - The Underground Desert.
    • 新バイオーム、地下砂漠
  • Liquid Visuals have been revamped.
    • 液体の表現を改良
  • Sky Lakes now spawn.
    • 天空の湖
  • Added a light effect to the Glass Kiln.
  • Slimes can now have items visible inside them that will drop when they die.
    • Slimeがドロップするアイテムを内部に見えるように(dungeon slimeのgolden keyと同様に)
  • Wall of Flesh will now spawn a cage of Crimtane Bricks when slain in a Crimson World.
    • crimsonのワールドでwall of fleshが倒された時、crimtane brickの籠でアイテムをドロップ
  • Accessory dyes now apply to particle effects spawned from them.
    • アクセサリーの染料はそのアクセサリーから生成されるパーティクルに適用される(?)
  • Changed player animations to be less bouncy.
    • プレイヤーのアニメーションがあんまり跳ね回らないように変更(歩行時の胴回りが伸び縮みしてたのを修正)
  • Trees now drop Acorns alongside actual tree items (rather than either/or).
    • それぞれの木に応じたacornをドロップ
  • Palm tree tops now drop Acorns.
    • Palm treeのてっぺんがacornをドロップ
  • The Crimson now has aligned fauna: Vicious Mushrooms, Vicious Powder, and Crimtane Thorns.
    • Crimsonの動植物相を調整、Vicious Mushroom, Vicious powder, Crimtane thornなど
  • Game default cave parallax is now 60 , rather than 0.
    • 地下の視差の初期値を0から60に(?)
  • NPCs will not climb stairs into another room anymore.
    • NPCが階段を上って別の部屋へ行かないように
  • Goblins now have gore unique to each goblin.
    • 各goblinごとに特徴的なゴア表現
  • Improved NPC graphics.
    • NPCのグラフィックを改善
  • Pigrons have appear in greater varieties.
    • Pigronの見た目に多くのバリエーション追加
  • Sunflowers now glow at night and give a "Happy" buff that reduces monster spawns and increases movement speed.
    • Sunflowerが夜間に光り、Happy!バフを付与(モンスター出現率減少、移動速度増加)
  • Heads on the map stay the same size (regardless of map size).
    • マップのサイズにかかわらず、マップ上の頭アイコンの大きさが一定に
  • Updated Fountain Graphics.
    • 噴水のグラフィックを更新
  • You can now find Marble and Granite biomes underground.
    • 地下にgranite / marbleバイオームが出現
  • can now move through tiles when held and is cheaper.
    • Dirt Rodがお求めやすく、掴んだdirtをブロックを通り抜けて移動できるように
  • Pine Tree variations have been added to the Ice Biome.
    • Pine Treeのバリエーションが氷雪バイオームに追加
  • Honey Patches will now spawn during world gen in the Jungle.
    • ワールド生成時にジャングル内にHoney Patcheを適用?
  • Ice Patches will now spawn during world gen in the Ice Biome.
    • ワールド生成時にアイスバイオーム内にIce Patchesを適用?
  • Abandoned Mine Tracks have been added to world gen.
    • 捨てられたMine Trackがワールド生成時に追加(テントみたいに?)
  • Added several new walls to world gen.
    • ワールド生成に何種類かの新しい背景壁を追加
  • There are now water, honey, and lava drips found in the world. They can also be placed with Magic Droppers.
    • 水・蜂蜜・熔岩の雫が追加、Magic Dropperで設置も可能
Bug Fixes
  • A large amount of bugs have been fixed from prior releases - and even more related to 1.3 itself. This is a partial list.
    • ver1.3にも関連した膨大な量のバグを修正。以下はいくつかの抜粋になります...
  • Fixed bug where chandeliers would spawn lit up in underground cabins.
    • シャンデリアが地下で点灯した状態でスポーンしていたバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where KO Cannon could drop from statue-spawned monsters.
    • KO Cannonがスタチューからスポーンしたモンスターからもドロップしていたバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug that would place alchemy plants over alchemy plants in pots.
    • ポットに植えてあるハーブの上にハーブを植えられていたバグを修正
  • Fixed a graphical issue with Alchemy plants. They had half pixels.
    • ハーブの描画上の問題を修正。pixelが半分だった
  • Angler Vest now draws the player's hand properly.
    • Angler Vest装備時にプレイヤーの手が正しく描画されるように
  • Pharaoh's Robe now draws the player's hand properly.
    • Pharaoh's Robe装備時にプレイヤーの手が正しく描画されるように
  • Fixed bug where shooting chain projectiles and aiming directly at the shooter's center would crash the game.
    • 連なった発射物を射手の中心に目掛けて撃つとゲームがクラッシュしていたバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where the Skyware Workbench was made at the Glass Kiln.
    • Skyware WorkbenchがGlass Kilnで作成できたバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where shooter NPCs walked slower to the left than to the right.
    • 射撃能力を持ったNPCが左に歩くとき、右に歩くときに比べて遅かったバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where long hair would draw even if the player is invisible.
    • プレイヤーが透明化しているにも関わらず、長い髪は表示されていたバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where Worms would not drop gore segments on death.
    • Wormが倒されたときにバラバラの肉片を落とさないバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where you could spawn a heart/enemy from a statue using wires faster than intended..
    • ワイヤーを使ってハートやモンスターをスタチューから大量にスポーンさせることができていたバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where the game could crash if the Rod of Discord was used on the far right of the world.
    • 世界の右端でRod of Discordを使うとゲームがクラッシュしていたバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where worms would walk up slopes funny.
    • wormがスロープを変に登っていたバグを修正
  • Dynamic lighting now stays when the game is paused.
    • ゲームをポーズしても光が表示されたままになるように
  • Fixed a bug where Piranha Statues weren't spawning properly when a world was created.
    • ピラニアスタチューがワールド生成時に正しくスポーンしないバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where the Beds weren't fully drawing.
    • ベッドが正しく描画されていないバグを修正
  • Fixed a few cage types that were drawing improperly.
    • いくつかのケージが正しく描画されていないバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where Skeletron Prime's bombs would not deal damage upon exploding in multiplayer.
    • マルチプレイ時にSkeletron Primeの爆弾攻撃の爆発からダメージを受けないバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where dart & spear traps would gain damage bonuses and crit chance from ranged stats in singleplayer.
    • シングルプレイヤーの攻撃範囲ステータスにより、dart・spear trapのダメージ・クリティカルチャンスにボーナスが乗っていたバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where Broken Armor's time was set back to 5 minutes from 2 minutes in update 1.2
    • update 1.2でBroken Armorのデバフが2分から5分に巻き戻っていたバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where mouse-hover over Slime & Pumpkin Bed would show the wrong item icon.
    • Slime・Pumpkin bedの上にマウスを重ねると誤ったアイテムアイコンが表示されていたバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where Ice Rod tiles could spawn dirt when saving a world.
    • Ice Rodとセーブを組み合わせるとdirtを設置できていたバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where Blue Slab Walls from the dungeon weren't considered player housing when the player would place them.
    • ダンジョンのBlue Slab Wallをプレイヤーが設置した際にハウジングとしてカウントされないバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where whether the Stylist was saved or not wasn't saving in the World save.
    • 世界を救った状態(Wall of Flesh撃破後?)ではStylistが救出されているかどうかに関わらず救出されていないことになるバグを修正?
  • Fixed a bug where switches would attach to a tree when it wasn't a valid placement spot.
    • スイッチを本来取り付けられない木に取り付けられていたバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where the server could crash when creating a new world during tree placement.
    • 新ワールド生成時の木を設置中にサーバーがクラッシュするバグを修正
  • Fixed bugs where Obsidian furniture was not surviving in lava properly. Affected Beds, Sofas, Dressers and Pianos.
    • Obsidian家具が溶岩で溶けてしまっていたバグを修正。ベッド、ソファ、ドレッサー、ピアノ
  • Fixed a bug where Levers placed on walls would float if the wall was destroyed.
    • レバーを設置した壁を破壊するとレバーが浮いてしまっていたバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where a platforms could be used to create ultra-fast elevators.
    • platformを使って超速いエレベータを作ることができたバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where a specific configuration of a slope and tile could cause players to hover in the air.
    • 特定の形状の勾配やタイルがプレイヤーを空中に浮かばせていたバグを修正
  • Fixed bug that allowed stacked stairs to act as an ultra-fast elevator.
    • 重ねた階段が超速いエレベータとして機能していたバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where players would run up stairs when running against them.
    • プレイヤーが階段を上りたくないのに上らされていたバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where the sloped version of damaging blocks would not hurt players.
    • ダメージを受けるブロックに勾配をつけるとダメージを受けなくなるバグを修正
  • Fixed bug that prevented Deep Cyan Paint from displaying correctly on some tiles.
    • いくつかのデフォルト表示のタイルがDeep Cyan Paintを受け付けなかったバグを修正
  • Fixed a bug where traps could sometimes cause the game to crash when triggered.
    • トラップが作動したときに偶にゲームがクラッシュするバグを修正
  • Fixed bug / exploit where generated chlorophyte ores would not update on clients in multiplayer sometimes.
    • マルチプレイ時にクライアントで時々chlorophyte鉱石の生成が更新されないバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where projectiles did not reset frame on set defaults.
    • 飛び道具がデフォルト設定のフレームにリセットされないバグを修正(?
  • Fixed bug where body frames were 1 frame behind leg frames when walking around.
    • 歩く際に体のフレームが足のフレームより1フレーム遅かったバグを修正
  • Fixed bug where 'defeated golem' flag was passed into newly created worlds.
    • 新しく生成されたワールドで「defeated golem」のフラグが無視できていたバグを修正

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