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外見とセリフから、Old Man.png Old Manと同一人物であることがわかる。

死亡時に Red Hat.png Red Hat をドロップする。
また、夜にClothier Voodoo Doll.png Clothier Voodoo Dollを装備した状態で彼を攻撃して殺すと、Skeletron.png Skeletronが召喚される。


[編集] 幸福度

バイオーム/Underground,Cavern,The UnderworldHallow/
隣人link=Truffle Trufflelink=Princess Princess,link=Tax Collector Tax Collectorlink=Nurse Nurselink=Mechanic Mechanic

[編集] 商品リスト

商品 価格 備考
link=Black Thread Black Thread Gold Coin.png 1
link=Pink Thread Pink Thread Gold Coin.png 1
link=Familiar Wig Familiar Wig Gold Coin.png 1 キャラクター作成時に
link=Familiar Shirt Familiar Shirt Gold Coin.png 1
link=Familiar Pants Familiar Pants Gold Coin.png 1
link=Beanie Beanie Gold Coin.png 1 Snowで販売
link=Summer Hat Summer Hat Gold Coin.png 1 日中
link=Plumber's Shirt Plumber's Shirt Gold Coin.png 25 Moon-full.png Full Moon(満月)
link=Plumber's Pants Plumber's Pants Gold Coin.png 25
link=White Tuxedo Shirt White Tuxedo Shirt Gold Coin.png 25 Moon-full.png Full Moonの夜間
link=White Tuxedo Pants White Tuxedo Pants Gold Coin.png 25
link=The Doctor's Shirt The Doctor's Shirt Gold Coin.png 20 満月の翌日
Moon-2.png Waning Gibbous(寝待月)
link=The Doctor's Pants The Doctor's Pants Gold Coin.png 20
link=Mime Mask Mime Mask Gold Coin.png 2 Blood Moon中に販売
link=Fallen Tuxedo Shirt Fallen Tuxedo Shirt Gold Coin.png 25
link=Fallen Tuxedo Pants Fallen Tuxedo Pants Gold Coin.png 25
link=Guy Fawkes Mask Guy Fawkes Mask Gold Coin.png 3 Halloween Event
link=Clothier's Jacket Clothier's Jacket Gold Coin.png 3
link=Clothier's Pants Clothier's Pants Gold Coin.png 3
link=Gravedigger Hat Gravedigger Hat Gold Coin.png 10 Graveyardで販売
link=Gravedigger Coat Gravedigger Coat Gold Coin.png 10
link=Funeral Hat Funeral Hat Gold Coin.png 10
link=Funeral Coat Funeral Coat Gold Coin.png 10
link=Funeral Pants Funeral Pants Gold Coin.png 10
Tragic Umbrella.png Tragic Umbrella Gold Coin.png 10
link=Victorian Goth Hat Victorian Goth Hat Gold Coin.png 10
link=Victorian Goth Dress Victorian Goth Dress Gold Coin.png 10
link=Bundled Party Balloons Bundled Party Balloons Gold Coin.png 2 Party中に販売
link=Balloon Animal Balloon Animal Gold Coin.png 2
link=Silly Sunflower Petals Silly Sunflower Petals Gold Coin.png 3
link=Silly Sunflower Tops Silly Sunflower Tops Gold Coin.png 3
link=Silly Sunflower Bottoms Silly Sunflower Bottoms Gold Coin.png 3
link=Hunter Cloak Hunter Cloak Gold Coin.png 15 ゴルフスコア2000以上をとった後に販売
商品 価格 備考
link=Clown Hat Clown Hat Gold Coin.png 2 Clown 撃破後
link=Clown Shirt Clown Shirt Gold Coin.png 1
link=Clown Pants Clown Pants Gold Coin.png 1
link=Balla Hat Balla Hat Gold Coin.png 1 The Frost Legion攻略後に販売
link=Gangsta Hat Gangsta Hat Gold Coin.png 1
link=Solar Cultist Hood Solar Cultist Hood Gold Coin.png 10 Lunatic Cultist
link=Solar Cultist Robe Solar Cultist Robe Gold Coin.png 10
link=Lunar Cultist Hood Lunar Cultist Hood Gold Coin.png 10 Lunatic Cultist
link=Lunar Cultist Robe Lunar Cultist Robe Gold Coin.png 10
link=Tax Collector's Hat Tax Collector's Hat Gold Coin.png 3 Tax Collectorがワールドに存在時
link=Tax Collector's Suit Tax Collector's Suit Gold Coin.png 3
link=Tam O' Shanter Tam O' Shanter Gold Coin.png 2
default 50
Full Moonの2日後
Moon-3.png Third Quarter(下弦の月)
link=Blue Graduation Cap Blue Graduation Cap Gold Coin.png 10 Full Moonの3日後
Moon-4.png Waxing Crescent(有明月)
link=Blue Graduation Gown Blue Graduation Gown Gold Coin.png 10
link=Tiara Tiara Gold Coin.png 25 Moon-new.png New Moon(新月)
link=Princess Dress Princess Dress Gold Coin.png 10
link=Maroon Graduation Cap Maroon Graduation Cap Gold Coin.png 10 New Moonの1日後
Moon-6.png Waxing Crescent(三日月)
link=Maroon Graduation Gown Maroon Graduation Gown Gold Coin.png 10
link=Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat Gold Coin.png 5 New Moonの2日後
Moon-7.png First Quarter(上弦の月)
link=Cowboy Jacket Cowboy Jacket Gold Coin.png 5
link=Cowboy Pants Cowboy Pants Gold Coin.png 5
link=Black Graduation Cap Black Graduation Cap Gold Coin.png 10 New Moonの3日後
Moon-8.png Waxing Gibbous(十三夜月)
link=Black Graduation Gown Black Graduation Gown Gold Coin.png 10

[編集] 台詞


  • "T'were I younger, I would ask the nurse out. I used to be quite the lady killer."
  • "Thanks again for freeing me from my curse. Felt like something jumped up and bit me"
  • "Being cursed was lonely, so I once made a friend out of leather. I named him Wilson."
  • "Mama always said I would make a great tailor."
  • "That Red Hat of yours looks familiar..."
「その赤い帽子、どこかで見覚えが...」(Red Hat 装備時)
  • "Life's like a box of clothes, you never know what you are gonna wear!"
  • "I have vague memories of tying a woman up and throwing her in a dungeon."
  • ”Of course embroidery is hard! If it wasn't hard, no one would do it! That's what makes it great.”
  • ”I know everything they is to know about the clothierin' business.”


  • "... we have a ploblem! its a blood moon out there!"

[編集] 更新履歴

  • :
    • Graveyardにいる時にいくつかの限定アイテムを販売するようになった
  • 1.3.5 :
    • 「James」という名前が追加された
  • 1.3.2 :
  • :
    • Lunar- and Solar-Cultist sets、White Tuxedo setが追加された
    • スプライトが更新された
  • 1.2.3 :
    • Fixed bug where you cant hurt the clothier with clothier voodoo doll using projectiles (bows / guns / thrown items / spears / flails and so on).
  • :
    • Skeletron now spawns on the Clothier when using a Clothier Voodoo Doll.
  • 1.2.1 :
  • :
  • 1.2 :
    • Now sells more unique vanity sets during Hardmode, as well as the Balla and Gangsta hats.
    • Clothier Voodoo Dollで殺して、夜にSkeletronを召喚できるようになった
  • 1.1 :
    • スポーン時にランダムで名前が付く、死亡時や他のNPCが呼ぶときはその名前で表示される
  • 1.0.5 :
    • Familiar~、The Doctor's~、Mime Maskを追加。時間やイベントで売るものが変わる
  • 1.0.4 :
    • 導入

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