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Old One's Armyを始めるためのアイテムとミニオンの杖、鎧を販売するNPC
Eater of WorldsまたはBrain of Cthulhuを討伐後に、Unconscious Manとして地表または地下でスポーンし、話しかけると後で住民になる。

このNPCから必要アイテムを買うことだけが条件なので、Old One's Armyは襲撃イベントの中で最も楽に発生させられる。
なお、Old One's Armyはメカニカルボス1体討伐後とGolem討伐後にそれぞれ段階が進み、敵が強くなったりEternia Crystal.png Eternia Crystalが値上がりしたりする。

商品リストの各Rod/Cane/StaffはOld One's Armyに勝利しないとイベント外での使用ができないが、

ちなみに、死亡時には約15%の確率でAle Tosser.png Ale Tosserを落とす。

[編集] 幸福度

バイオーム/The HallowSnow/
隣人link=Demolitionist Demolitionistlink=Princess Princess,link=Goblin Tinkerer Goblin Tinkererlink=Guide Guidelink=Dye Trader Dye Trader

AleEternia CrystalEternia Crystal Stand以外の、Defender Medalで取引する商品は幸福度によって値段が変動しない。

[編集] 商品リスト

Ale.pngAleSilver Coin.png x1
Eternia Crystal.pngEternia CrystalSilver Coin.png x25メカニカルボス討伐前
Gold Coin.png x1メカニカルボス1体討伐後~Golem討伐前
Gold Coin.png x4Golem討伐後
Eternia Crystal Stand.pngEternia Crystal StandGold Coin.png x1
Defender's Forge.pngDefender's ForgeDefender Medal.png x50
Flameburst Rod.pngFlameburst RodDefender Medal.png x5
Flameburst Cane.pngFlameburst CaneDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Flameburst Staff.pngFlameburst StaffDefender Medal.png x60Golem討伐後
Ballista Rod.pngBallista RodDefender Medal.png x5
Ballista Cane.pngBallista CaneDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Ballista Staff.pngBallista StaffDefender Medal.png x60Golem討伐後
Explosive Trap Rod.pngExplosive Trap RodDefender Medal.png x5
Explosive Trap Cane.pngExplosive Trap CaneDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Explosive Trap Staff.pngExplosive Trap StaffDefender Medal.png x60Golem討伐後
Lightning Aura Rod.pngLightning Aura RodDefender Medal.png x5
Lightning Aura Cane.pngLightning Aura CaneDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Lightning Aura Staff.pngLightning Aura StaffDefender Medal.png x60Golem討伐後
Monk's Bushy Brow Bald Cap.pngMonk's Bushy Brow Bald CapDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Monk's Shirt.pngMonk's ShirtDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Monk's Pants.pngMonk's PantsDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Squire's Great Helm.pngSquire's Great HelmDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Squire's Plating.pngSquire's PlatingDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Squire's Greaves.pngSquire's GreavesDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Huntress's Wig.pngHuntress's WigDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Huntress's Jerkin.pngHuntress's JerkinDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Huntress's Pants.pngHuntress's PantsDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Apprentice's Hat.pngApprentice's HatDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Apprentice's Robe.pngApprentice's RobeDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Apprentice's Trousers.pngApprentice's TrousersDefender Medal.png x15メカニカルボス1体討伐後
Valhalla Knight's Helm.pngValhalla Knight's HelmDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後
Valhalla Knight's Breastplate.pngValhalla Knight's BreastplateDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後
Valhalla Knight's Greaves.pngValhalla Knight's GreavesDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後
Dark Artist's Hat.pngDark Artist's HatDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後
Dark Artist's Robes.pngDark Artist's RobesDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後
Dark Artist's Leggings.pngDark Artist's LeggingsDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後
Red Riding Hood.pngRed Riding HoodDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後
Red Riding Dress.pngRed Riding DressDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後
Red Riding Leggings.pngRed Riding LeggingsDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後
Shinobi Infiltrator's Helmet.pngShinobi Infiltrator's HelmetDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後
Shinobi Infiltrator's Torso.pngShinobi Infiltrator's TorsoDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後
Shinobi Infiltrator's Pants.pngShinobi Infiltrator's PantsDefender Medal.png x50Golem討伐後

[編集] 台詞

  • "I've got the cure for what ails ya! Get it? Ale? No?"
  • "They say you're strong, well, I know strong. Let's see if you measure up."
  • "Back where I'm from, we only serve Root Beer..."
  • "This is a big upgrade from wiping that table all day."
  • "Life's a challenge when you're just naturally better than everyone else."
  • "What am I doing here..."
  • "A lot of tenacity and a little bit of luck can go a long way..."
  • "Have you seen any Meburs around here?"
  • "<Name of Dryad> seems nice. I should bring her back with me." (Dryadがいるとき)
  • "Do you think <Name of Steampunker> has an extra of that gun? I know a witch that may want one." (Steampunkerがいるとき)
  • "No wonder <Name of Demolitionist> has so many accidents. You can't imagine how much ale he buys from me." (Demolitionistがいるとき)
  • "Normally, I'm not much of a fan of Goblins, but <Name of Goblin Tinkerer> seems to be an alright sort." (Goblin Tinkererがいるとき)
  • "Anyone see where the Dryad went?" (ゲーム内時間が昼のとき・Dryadがいるとき)
  • "Really quiet out there. A little too quiet..." (ゲーム内時間が夜のとき)
  • "Check in with me, and do your job." (ゲーム内時間が夜のとき)
  • "You know, where I'm from, a Blood Moon is actually just an excuse to get some fresh air." (Blood Moon中のみ)
  • "Moon Lord, don't you mean Abyss Lord?" (Moon Lordを倒した後)
  • "I know a Lavamancer that would really like that hellstone down in the underworld." (hardmodeのみ)
  • "Know any good places to set up shop? Would love to open up a bar here." (家がないとき)
  • "Huh? How did I get here? The last thing I remember was a portal opening up in front of me..."
  • "We should really do something about the Old One's Army. Ask me about the Eternia Crystal if you want to learn more." (Before Tier 1.)
  • "Great job on fighting off the Old One's Army! But I'm sure we haven't seen the last of them, they didn't put up much of a fight this time." (After Tier 1.)
  • "The Army of the Old One's keeps getting stronger, yet you keep pushing them back! But something tells me they aren't quite finished with us yet." (After Tier 2.)
  • "You really kept the full force of the Old One's Army at bay? Maybe you should visit Etheria some time." (After Tier 3.)

 (Eternia Crystalのボタンを押したとき)

  • For starters, take a few of these Defender Medals, on the house! I've got some special defenses you can purchase, but only with Defender Medals! (初回のみ、Defender Medalを5枚入手する)


  • "The first thing you need to know about are the special defensive artifacts I've got for sale, but only if you've got some Defender Medals!"
  • "You can use these artifacts to create traps and defensive towers. Doing so Consumes Etherian mana, a special energy dropped only by members of the Old One's Army!"
  • "Challenging the Old One's Army is rather simple. They are attracted to the power of Eternia Crystals, and that can be used to bait them out."
  • "To place an Eternia Crystal, you must obtain an Eternia Crystal and a stand to put in. It just so happens, you can buy em from me!"
  • "You'll want to place your Eternia Crystal stand in a pretty open, flat area. Lots of walls and stuff might make it pretty difficult to protect!"
  • "Once your stand is set up, just interact with it while holding an Eternia Crystal, and prepare for a fight!"
  • "Of course, you can't let the Old One's Army destroy the Eternia Crystal! This will have catastrophic consequences for my home world of Etheria!"
  • "You can place defenses at the cost of 10 Etherian mana. Once placed, the Eternia Crystal will release some of this mana. Otherwise, you will need to defeat enemies to get more."
  • "With the help of defenses, you will have to repel several waves of invaders who are attempting to destroy both you and the Eternia Crystal!"
  • "If you successfully repel the invasion, you'll be awarded with more Defender Medals, which you can bring to me to purchase more artifacts and some other special rewards!"
  • "I've also heard rumors that the power of the artifacts themselves may be further unlocked if you defeat the Old One's Army. Perhaps you could even use them any time you wish!"

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