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Pirate Invasionイベント攻略後に住人になる(Pirate Mapを持ち込んでイベントを発生させれば、ハードモード前でも出現する)。


[編集] 出現条件

[編集] 幸福度

隣人link=Angler Anglerlink=Tavernkeep Tavernkeep,link=Princess Princesslink=Stylist Stylistlink=Guide Guide

[編集] 商品リスト

商品 価格 備考
link=Cannon Cannon Gold Coin.png 25 据え付けて使う大砲
link=Cannonball Cannonball default 15 Cannonの弾薬
link=Pirate Hat Pirate Hat Gold Coin.png 5
link=Pirate Shirt Pirate Shirt Gold Coin.png 5
link=Pirate Pants Pirate Pants Gold Coin.png 5
link=Sail Sail default 50 壁紙
link=Parrot Cracker Parrot Cracker Platinum Coin.png 3 Gold Coin.png 75 Oceanバイオームでのみ販売
link=Bunny Cannon Bunny Cannon Gold Coin.png 50 link=Party Girl Party Girlが居る時、かつHardmode突入後にメカニカルボスを1体以上撃破後に販売

[編集] 台詞

  • "Stay off me booty, ya scallywag!"
  • "I'm no landlubber, but it's better to have lubbed and lost than never to have lubbed at all."

(reference to "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" from Alfred Tennyson's poem In Memoriam A.H.H.)

  • "YAR! Funny ye should be mentionin' parrots b'cause...um...What t'were we talkin' 'bout?"
  • "*Yarr Blarr Harrdarr*"
  • "What in blazes are ye talkin' about? Moby Dick is mine!" (reference to the 1851 novel Moby-Dick)
  • "Yo ho ho and a bottle of....blinkroots!" (reference to the sea song "Dead Man's Chest")

When Tavernkeep is present:

  • "About time we gotta barkeep around here! Me rum was almost gone!"

If the player is female / Any gender :

  • "<Name of player>, Ye be one o' the finest lookin' lassies this here captain's seen in many a fortnight!"


  • "After all that cake, you might have to call me White Beard for a while."


  • "Hoist the sails, ye curs! We pirates startin' a leg of a race! Yarharharr!"
  • "All hands on deck! A storm of wind be brewin'!"


  • "Fish do fly in ye rainy skies! I seen it with me own eye!"
  • "Ha har! Rain!? Jus' another day fer a pirate."


  • "Ahoy! Brace fer impact, swashbuckler! 'Tis a'mother of all tempests!"
  • "Great Charybdis! What manner of wrath er curses have ye sent on us now!?"

When in a Graveyard:

  • "Hardee harr... the sea be a pirate's graveyard! Ye landlubbers waste ye time!"
  • "Arr... hate to say it, but many me mateys put these holes in the ground... if ye catch me drift!"

[編集] 更新履歴

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