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Underground Desertで見つけることができ、話しかけると空き部屋に引っ越してくる。
Lifeform Analyzer.png Lifeform Analyzerで検出可能。Hunter Potion.png Hunter Potionにも反応する。
Zoologist.png Zoologistの兄らしい。

1.2以前のマップの場合、Underground Desertが存在しないためそのままでは出現しない。
Underground Desertを人工的に作ってから、その場所をCorruptionCrimsonHallowのいずれかに変えると、
システムが(汚染環境つきの)Underground Desertと認識してくれるので出現する。
(後から通常のUnderground Desertに戻しても大丈夫かどうかは未確認)
1.4.4にアップデートするとそれ以前から作られたUnderground Desertも正常に認識してくれる。


[編集] 幸福度

隣人link=Angler Anglerlink=Painter Painter,link=Zoologist Zoologistlink=Pirate Piratelink=Merchant Merchant

[編集] 名前

・Arnie Palmfrond ・Billy Bones ・Gunner McLovin ・Harry Madison
・Jake Nicklelisp ・Jim Mulligan ・Lion Pines ・William

[編集] 商品リスト

full moonなどの月相はAnglerのクエスト報酬Sextantなどで表示されます。
Moon phaseは公式も参考に
商品 価格 備考 販売条件
link=Worn Golf Club (Iron) Worn Golf Club (Iron)
link=Worn Golf Club (Driver) Worn Golf Club (Driver)
link=Worn Golf Club (Wedge) Worn Golf Club (Wedge)
link=Worn Golf Club (Putter) Worn Golf Club (Putter)
default 10 ゴルフに必要。これでボールを打つ 常時
White Pin Flag.png White Pin Flag
Red Pin Flag.png Red Pin Flag
Green Pin Flag.png Green Pin Flag
Blue Pin Flag.png Blue Pin Flag
Yellow Pin Flag.png Yellow Pin Flag
Purple Pin Flag.png Purple Pin Flag
default 20 家具。ゴルフに影響はない 常時
link=Golf Tee Golf Tee Gold Coin.png 1 上にGolf Ballを置ける。ボールを所持・装備していなくても置ける 常時
link=Golf Ball Golf Ball Gold Coin.png 1 ゴルフに必要。これを地面かGolf Teeに置いて打つ 常時
link=Golf Whistle Golf Whistle Gold Coin.png 10 ゴルフ中に1打ペナルティでボールを戻せる 常時
link=Golf Cup Golf Cup Gold Coin.png 1 ゴルフに必要。これを地面に配置してボールをクラブで打つと開始 常時
link=Arrow Sign Arrow Sign
link=Painted Arrow Sign Painted Arrow Sign
default 20 地面に配置して右クリックで矢印の向きを変えられる 常時
link=Country Club Cap Country Club Cap Gold Coin.png 2 default 50 頭衣装 常時
link=Country Club Visor Country Club Visor Gold Coin.png 2 default 50 頭衣装 常時
link=Country Club Vest Country Club Vest Gold Coin.png 2 default 50 体衣装 常時
link=Country Club Trousers Country Club Trousers Gold Coin.png 2 default 50 脚衣装 常時
link=Lawn Mower Lawn Mower Gold Coin.png 1 芝刈り機。刈ると敵の出現率を抑える 常時
link=Golf Cart Keys Golf Cart Keys Gold Coin.png 50 騎乗ペット召喚アイテム ゴルフスコア2000以上、Skeletron討伐後
link=The Rolling Greens The Rolling Greens Gold Coin.png 1 絵画(家具) ゴルフスコア2000以上、Moon phase1,2の日に販売48px-Moon-full.png48px-Moon-2.png
link=Study of a Ball at Rest Study of a Ball at Rest Gold Coin.png 1 絵画(家具) ゴルフスコア2000以上、Moon phase3,4の日に販売48px-Moon-3.png48px-Moon-4.png
link=Fore! Fore! Gold Coin.png 1 絵画(家具) ゴルフスコア2000以上、Moon phase5,6の日に販売48px-Moon-new.png48px-Moon-6.png
link=The Duplicity of Reflections The Duplicity of Reflections Gold Coin.png 1 絵画(家具) ゴルフスコア2000以上、Moon phase7,8の日に販売48px-Moon-7.png48px-Moon-8.png
link=Golf Club (Iron) Golf Club (Iron)
link=Golf Club (Driver) Golf Club (Driver)
link=Golf Club (Wedge) Golf Club (Wedge)
link=Golf Club (Putter) Golf Club (Putter)
Gold Coin.png 1 ゴルフスコア500以上
link=Golf Chest Golf Chest Gold Coin.png 3 Chest ゴルフスコア500以上
link=Bronze Golf Trophy Bronze Golf Trophy Gold Coin.png 1 家具 ゴルフスコア500以上
link=Fancy Golf Club (Iron) Fancy Golf Club (Iron)
link=Fancy Golf Club (Driver) Fancy Golf Club (Driver)
link=Fancy Golf Club (Wedge) Fancy Golf Club (Wedge)
link=Fancy Golf Club (Putter) Fancy Golf Club (Putter)
Gold Coin.png 10 ゴルフスコア1000以上
link=Silver Golf Trophy Silver Golf Trophy Gold Coin.png 1 家具 ゴルフスコア1000以上
link=Premium Golf Club (Iron) Premium Golf Club (Iron)
link=Premium Golf Club (Driver) Premium Golf Club (Driver)
link=Premium Golf Club (Wedge) Premium Golf Club (Wedge)
link=Premium Golf Club (Putter) Premium Golf Club (Putter)
Gold Coin.png 25 ゴルフスコア2000以上
link=Gold Golf Trophy Gold Golf Trophy Gold Coin.png 1 家具 ゴルフスコア2000以上

[編集] 台詞


  • I'm not the type to scream and thrash around just because my ball lands in the water. I stay calm, and collected, and focus on the next shot."
  • "Huh? You eat WHAT for breakfast?"
  • "An early bird catches the worm, but an early hole catches the birdie."
  • "Lick your finger and hold it to the wind. Golf balls are lightweight and easily influenced by a breeze."
  • "If sand is causing you nightmares, your wedge is your dreamcatcher."
  • "To strike high, strike far, or to get unstuck? It's all about the club you use. Choose wisely!"
  • "When I offer you to go clubbing, I don't mean downtown. I mean like, with a five iron?"
  • "In this game, only losers go for that high score."
  • "Landscapers must make a lot of green off us golfers. Heh!"
  • "If you land on the green, use a putter! Don't let your balls go flying away when you're THAT close."
  • "Don't go chasing water hazards, please stick to the fairways and greens that you're used to."

When first meeting:

  • "Thank you for the rescue. If I were trapped out here any longer, I could have come down with a heat stroke!"
  • "Why, thank you! I've been stuck in this sand pit for days. Good thing you can get water out of a cactus."

When Arms Dealer is present:

  • "<name of Arms Dealer> has mistaken my golf balls as ammo for his musket on several occasions."

When Dryad is present:

  • "According to <name of Dryad>, I'm murdering a lot of her friends when I mow the lawn. I gotta have a fairway for my course!"

When Angler is present:

  • "Should I take up fishing? Bribing <name of Angler> to fetch my balls out of the water is emptying my wallet!"

During a Blood Moon:

  • "The blood stains on my club? Have you seen the zombies outside?!"
  • "I don't know what's scarier, a Blood Moon or my sister during a Blood Moon!"

During a Party:

  • "I'm having trouble concentrating on this swing because of the obnoxious party going on around me."
  • "I hit a hole in one! That's a good reason for us all to celebrate. Time to put my club down and have a margarita."

During Rain:

  • "Golfing in THIS weather?! Only if you like swinging around a giant lightning rod!"
  • "Golfing in the rain is less fun. Everything is all slippery!"
  • "Water hazards are a lot larger when it rains, making it that much harder to reach the green!"

During a Thunderstorm:

  • "I don't think so, <name of player>."
  • "The odds of being struck by lightning are the same as the lottery. Going outside swinging an iron is a winning ticket!"

During a Windy Day:

  • "This wind makes for a very difficult course."
  • "A strong gale adds challenge to a game of golf, but this is rather excessive."

When in a Graveyard:

  • "Graveyards creep me out. I don't like practicing my swings on top of my family and friends."
  • "Don't play golf in a cemetery. The grass grows too efficiently and makes the entire course rough."

[編集] 更新履歴

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