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Desktop version history


[編集] ver 2022年11月17日


  • Updated localization of non-English languages to include all of the post-1.4.4 hotfix content and text adjustments & changes.
  • Recorded Music Boxes thrown into Shimmer will now be transmuted back into blank Music Boxes.
  • Updated over one hundred sprites to modernize some older and dated assets.
  • * In tandem with the above, reset the scale stat on about 90 swords and tools back to 1. Over time and various updates, many of these weapons had their "scale" multiplier increased, a balancing stat that increases their size to give them a bigger hitbox. Unfortunately, this results in increasingly distorted and inconsistent pixel size across our weapons. All of the affected weapons/tools have had their sprite increased in size to reflect their actual in-game size, and then the scaling factor reduced back down to 1. This will result in both modernized versions of some old sprites, but less stretched, size appropriate weapon sprites to match their intended size. In practice, this will result in minimal actual impact on their in-game hitbox size, but when there is a change, it is almost always a difference of a pixel or two, and usually in favor of making the weapon slightly bigger.
  • * An important note for Resource Pack makers: any sprite replacements in resource packs for any of these updated Swords/Tools will no longer function, because the old sprites are not the same size as they are now. To update resource packs which change the appearance of these weapons, the replacement sprites will need to be resized to match the new expected sprite size.
  • Scarecrows Banner/Bestiary Unlock Count Requirement reduced from 200 to 150 to reflect lower numbers in Pumpkin Moons.
  • All Scarecrow Bestiary Entries now share one kill count, rather than 10 independent kill counts, and will be unlocked simultaneously.
  • Morning Star damage reduced from 180 to 165.
  • Xeno Staff's fire rate further reduced from 36 to 40, in light of its AI changes resulting in much better performance than anticipated.
  • Made adjustments to the sell value of Bee Wax and Bee Wax-derived crafting items to result in a more consistent sell value across the set.
  • Increased the sell value of Imp Staff to match other Hellstone Bar gear.
  • Fixed further issues with Loadouts not syncing their visuals in Multiplayer to other players.
  • Fixed an issue where some settings would reset after updates/hotfixes, most notably, currently active Resource Packs.
  • Fixed an issue where Echo coated walls Underground would show up as solid black.
  • Fixed an issue where Paint Sprayer did not work in Multiplayer on tiles that could fall.
  • Fixed town NPCs not selling Ocean Pylons in valid Ocean Pylon regions on Remix/Everything seeds.
  • Fixed Truffle still selling Dark Blue Solution in Remix/Everything seeds.
  • Fixed Potion of Return's portal using the player's current height to determine its location, such as changing position when being on a mount or not.
  • Fixed an issue where Toxic Flask projectiles perceived platforms as solid blocks and would not pass through them.
  • Fixing a typo on Shroomite Helm tooltips that said they gave less damage than they did.
  • Fixed an issue where Shift-Clicking accessories into a Mannequin could result in invalid states such as having duplicate redundant accessories.
  • Fixed an issue where some Right-Click-to-Transform Items (Void Bag, Shellphone, etc) could result in sound effect spam playing rapidly for other players in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where most worlds generated in or after would not have Glow Tulips. Unfortunately, this will not retroactively generate Glow Tulips for those worlds.
  • Fixed an issue where info accessories stored in Open Void Bags did not apply their info benefit to nearby players in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where the player preview draws behind the Dresser UI instead of infront of it.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Witch's Broom mount's lantern when combined with certain armor effects.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Shadow Scales and Tissue Samples from being swapped in the Chlorophyte Extractinator.
  • Fixed an issue where Flamewaker/Hellfire flame trail would be dyed by the dye on a different pair of boots in the accessory order.
  • Fixed an issue where inventory hotbar slots would highlight in gold when in the inventory incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents the player from throwing items from inventory when using a Gamepad and autopaused.
  • Followup fix for a recurring issue that locks players into reusing an item repeatedly when on Gamepad.
  • Fixed an issue where some tile's glowing would not function properly when in a hammered state.
  • Fixed Aether effect not working in screenshots/snapshots taken in Camera Mode.

[編集] ver 2022年11月10日



  •で、「Don't dig up」と「Get fixed boi」ワールドでOcean Pylonが機能していなかったのを修正
  •においてGuideGoblin Tinkererの特殊メニューでのインベントリの問題を修正
  • Multiplayerで装備を変更してSentryが消滅する時、他人のSentryが消滅していたのを修正
  • 重力逆転中のBone Helmのミニマップ上のオフセットが正しくなかったのを修正(?)
  • Meat Grinderの配置時の表示位置調整
  • North Poleの攻撃力が73から80になった

[編集] ver 2022年11月09日


  • Made some optimizations to Mac performance. We are interested in feedback on how successful this is, and if possible, will try to follow up on other areas that also need improvement. For the time being, the most notable examples to test out are on the player creation menu and around Mannequins (especially with large numbers of Mannequins), but other general performance improvements may be expected. Please let us know if there are any improvements or issues as a result of the optimizations!
  • Biome Style buttons on the Camera Mode biome interface now have mouseover text showing what biome they represent.
  • Right clicking out of search bars in the Bestiary and Research menus will now also exit the search, just like Left Clicking previously did.
  • Lava Charm and Molten Charm now have vanity accessory visuals.
  • War Table Banners and Hanging Pots/Hanging Brazier can now be hung from platforms in both the up and down hammered position.
  • Added flavor text to Bone Pickaxe.
  • Added a loading tip and Guide help text indicating the ability to assign/unassign NPC housing.
  • Reduced the duration that loading tips are present on screen during worldgen/load before scrolling to the next.
  • Gold Worms, when thrown into Shimmer in critter form, also turn into Gummy Worms, instead of Faelings, the same as if they were thrown in as an item.
  • Dropping a Sparkle Slime Balloon into Shimmer in item form will now also spawn Diva Slime, instead of it only working when you throw it as a projectile.
  • Pressure Plate Tracks are now shown with Dangersense Potion.
  • Hallowed and Ancient Hallowed armor no longer transmute into each other in Shimmer. Instead, they decraft into Hallowed Bars.
  • Fixed an issue that allows lava kills on Blue Slimes to count as valid for spawning King Slime in Remix/Everything seed. They will still count as valid, however, if the player hurts them first.
  • Fixed Steam Deck users being unable to use smart cursor when using precise aim methods (trackpad, attached mouse)
  • Fixed a Dungeon issue where closet and hallways might sometimes cut-off the entrance from above it, resulting in being unable to progress. This should result in, at minumum, less examples of inaccessible Dungeons.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the Lihzahrd Door can rarely generate in a position that is entirely inaccessible from the entrance.
  • Fixed an issue causing Boulder traps to generate over chests.
  • Fixed Royal Gel not working on Golden Slime.
  • Fixed an issue where Mannequins and Hat Racks even remotely near the player would remove the player's bonus tile placement range from Accessories.
  • Fixed an issue where Snail-type critters ignored Shimmer entirely.
  • Re-fixed a change that prevented anti-gravity shifting from kicking the player off of mounts when pressing ▲ Up.
  • Fixed Flask particles not appearing on whips.
  • Fixed an issue where Deadly Spheres could be put into tightly enclosed spaces to dramatically increase their DPS.
  • Partially fixed an issue preventing the Grappling Hook hotkey when using the Grand Design/Portal Gun, but only when using a mouse for now.
  • Fixed an issue where Piranha Gun would sometimes recall all of the Piranhas if even one of them missed.
  • Fixed a number of minor issues with sprites such as the Hardcore Ghost, Chaos Elemental's Glowmask, Research Menu UI Slot, Iron Fence, and Shimmered+Transformed Zoologist.
  • Fixed some sprite issues that resulted in a number of Food item sprites being partially cut-off. While doing so, also made some fixes to a few Food items showing up on plates incorrectly.
  • Fixed Skyware Toilet's item not using the updated color scheme shown in the furniture tile.
  • Fixed a single 1-block layer in the underworld of the Remix/Everything seed that spawned the wrong enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where Town NPCs would rapidly teleport back and forth between housing locations.
  • Fixed Cascade dropping from some unintended enemies (like Old One's Army).
  • Fixed Phasesabers and Orange Phaseblade not glowing like the other Phaseblades.
  • Fixed newer ambient critter sounds not scaling with the Ambient volume setting like other critters.
  • Fixed an issue where dispelling or overriding Abigail would delete any projectiles "owned" by the player, including other summon and their buffs.
  • Fixed the Skeleton Merchant showing up in the bestiary with out of date sprites.
  • Fixed an issue with the player's arm rotating the wrong way when in reverse gravity and swinging shortswords or Starlight.
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue where Drill Mount's mining beams were not visible to other players when mining walls
  • Fixed sofas having a mouseover text that said "Benches". Chippy's Couch is also now properly labeled a Couch. This might end up in a Youtube video.
  • Fixed an issue with Slimer's drops in the bestiary being listed unusually/duplicated.
  • Fixing grammatical issue with mana cost tooltips.
  • Fixed newest three Work Benches not unlocking the Benched achievement.
  • Fixed Halloween Skeletons not counting towards Skeleton kills.
  • Fixed an issue with Sky Dragon's Fury and Ghastly Glaive relating to Shimmer and some odd projectile behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where Chlorophyte armor's set bonus fire cooldown time was inadvertently reset when swapping between armor.
  • Fixed an issue where Fireblossom Seeds would not work properly with Smart Cursor with Ash Grass.
  • Fixed an issue where dead players would not show their vanity equipment on the player select menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Holy Protection would persist on the player after removing Hallowed armor.
  • Fixed an issue where Fertilizer did not work in the Underworld in Remix/Everything seeds.
  • Fixed a crash issue that could happen when editing a sign and quitting out of the game.
  • Fixed Wave 20 Pumpkin Moon's announcement text not including Headless Horsemen.
  • Fixed an issue where Gamepad placement range did not account for Builder Potion's bonus.
  • Fixed the cancel button when renaming chests overlapping with other UI buttons.
  • Fixed rope coils not extending rope when the rope in question intersected platforms/rails.
  • Fixed Crimson Pigrons dropping more money than other Pigrons for no apparent reason.
  • Fixed an issue where fishing very deep ponds would sometimes not allow fishing up anything at all.
  • Fixed an issue where Gamepad/Steam Deck controls would auto-craft an item when accessing the Guide or Tinkerer's special menus.
  • Fixed Truffle not being able to be assigned to underground mushroom biomes in multiplayer.
  • Fixed the /alldeath command giving an incorrect output when the player only had one death.
  • Fixed an issue where Ocean Pylons would not work in some Ocean-areas in Remix/Everything seed.
  • Fixed an issue where Meowmere Minecart's trail behaved oddly with certain armor.
  • Fixed an issue where Grass Seeds were not properly supported by Smart Cursor and so behaved oddly.
  • Fixed an issue where Empress of Light could hit players during her invulnerable phase transitions.
  • Fixed Gemcorns not growing or being Smart Cursor placeable when near tall moss.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with Music Boxes and prefixes.
  • Fixed monoliths being able to have prefixes, due to being able to stack.
  • Fixed Dirt Bombs not replacing tiles such as tall grass.
  • Fixed Life Drain's projectile being named Soul Drain.
  • Fixed the Like A Boss achievement not working on some newer boss summoner items.
  • Fixed the Real Estate Agent achievement not requiring Tavernkeep.
  • Fixed an issue leading to town NPCs bouncing back and forth between different locations.
  • Fixed an issue with Shimmer status after using a Wormhole Potion to teleport.

Swords with Range Boosting Auras (Excalibur, Horseman's Blade, etc)

  • Swords with boosted range auras that hit enemies behind the player will now knock enemies away, rather than into the player.


  • Knockback increased from 3 to 4.5.
  • Projectile speed and return speed (very) slightly increased. It is now faster than all of the boomerangs that go into it.
  • Use time decreased from 22 to 20.


  • Base damage increased from 22 to 25.
  • Reduce projectile damage from 2× to 1.5× (from 44 to 37).

Bee Keeper and Hive-Five

  • Spawned bees can now crit based on Melee critical chance.

Night's Edge

  • Damage reduced from 42 to 40.
  • Use time increased from 21 to 25.
  • Reduce pierce count from 3 to 2. As the swing actually has 2 projectiles (each of which have their own pierce counter), this is a reduction from 6 to 4 maximum possible hits per swing.
  • Range of the extended portion of the swing has been slightly reduced.

Ice Sickle

  • Projectile damage increased from 50% of base to 67%.
  • Pierce count on projectile increased from 3 to 4.

Death Sickle

  • Sickle projectiles changed to use static immune frames instead of global.

Terra Blade

  • Reduced the benefits from Melee Speed stat bonuses by 25%.

North Pole

  • Flakes that are very close to each other will now slightly push away from each other, resulting in flake spread when falling.


  • Damage reduced from 22 to 19 (partially undoing the 1.4.4 buff).

Phoenix Blaster

  • Damage reduced from 33 to 30.
  • Use time reduced from 17 to 14.

Aqua Scepter

  • Piercing count reduced from unlimited to 5, like Golden Shower.


  • Poison duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.
  • Chance to inflict Poison reduced from 100% to 20%.
  • Correction: In 1.4.4, the changelog listed that Snapthorn's damage was increased from 18 to 19. This was in error. It remains at 18 damage.

Houndius Shootius

  • Increased hitbox size of the projectile.

Optic Staff

  • Base damage increased from 21 to 24 (Spazmamini's damage is 100% of base damage).
  • Retinamini's damage scaling reduced from 1.25× to 1.15× of base damage (still a slight increase due to the increased base).

Frost Hydra

  • Projectiles set changed to use static immune frames instead of global.

Magic Quiver

  • Drop rate increased from 1/80 to 1/40.

War Table (and by default, War Table Banners)

  • Increasing drop rate and splitting its drop chance away from War Table Banners.
  • T1 Dark Mage now has a 50% chance to drop each of them independently in Classic, and a 100% to drop each in Expert and above.
  • T3 Dark Mage has a 1/8 chance to drop either independently in Classic, and a 1/4 chance in Expert and above.

Sleeping/Sitting in Chairs

  • Dramatically reduced the health regeneration buff when sitting or sleeping.
  • Sleeping and Sitting are now interrupted by taking damage.

Mystic Frog

  • Spawn rate increased.
  • No longer despawns when attempting to catch it with a net; it instead teleports to a nearby onscreen location.
  • Bestiary entry changed to more subtly imply how to obtain it.

Remix World pre-Hardmode Mimics

  • Health increased from 270 to 300.
  • Defense reduced from 16 to 12.

Remix World King Slime Spawns

  • Put a stat progression check on King Slime spawns to prevent Day 1 spawns on unprepared players. Will be identical to Slime Rain conditions from normal worlds.

[編集] ver 2022年10月24日


  • Fixed an issue with day spontaneously setting itself to night.
  • Fixed an issue where Queen Bee and Golem would fail to spawn the first time every launch session, and possibly more often in Multiplayer in some cases.
  • Fixed Bestiary entries not updating their adjusted stats first for the purposes of sorting.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing UP/DOWN to toggle Rubblemaker tiles changing the selection of other players as well.
  • Fixed a worldgen issue where Dead Man's Chest minibiome traps could generate over other containers and break them.
  • Fixed an issue where King Slime could be summoned on Remix/Everything seeds by slimes being killed in lava without player interaction. Hurting the slime first will still allow King Slime's spawn to happen if the lava delivers the killing blow, however.
  • Fixed Slimers having an inadvertent double chance to drop Monster Meat.
  • Reverting a change in relating to ipv6 IPs to resolve a bug; will be re-evaluated in a future hotfix.

[編集] ver 2022年10月21日


  • The Angler's Accessory Drop Duplicate Protection has been adjusted to make it more flexible and player friendly. Instead of only selectively applying duplicate protection to the 2 triple sets of accessories independently, he now applies the duplicate protection to all 7 accessories, including the Fishing Bobber. If the player has any of the 7 accessories (either in their individual form or their tinkered forms, such as Shellphone) in their inventory, the Angler will always give a non-duplicate accessory whenever he rolls to drop an accessory at all. He will only begin dropping duplicates again once the player has all 7 in their inventory. This will also result in a general increase in the number of accessories he drops.
  • As a follow-up change to the above, the Mermaid and Fish Costume have been moved to be before Accessories in priority order since Accessories will be more common.
  • Pulling items out of stacks now speeds up faster after a few seconds to account for the larger stack size.
  • Adjusted some unintuitive spawning conditions with unsafe Dungeon and Underground Desert Backwalls, where they required a wall to be placed behind the block where the enemies would be spawning instead of just above it. This is no longer the case.
  • It has come to our attention that the Goblin Summoner does not, in fact, drop any Summoner items. This is an unacceptable discrepancy, so the Goblin Summoner has been demoted to Goblin Warlock.
  • Master For the worthy and Everything Seeds now show their difficulty as "Legendary" on the main menu
  • Stinkbugs are now more common on days where Stinkbugs can spawn
  • Added recipes to craft Sandstone and Hardened Sand Blocks at a Solidifier
  • Christmas and Halloween Slimes can now be transformed into the Squire Slime if no Blue Slimes are available due to seasonal spawns
  • Sandstorm in a Bottle and Flying Carpet can now be transmuted into Pharaoh Vanities
  • Lava Charm can now be transmuted into Magma Stone
  • Increased the visibility of the Oiled debuff to make it more clear when it is active
  • Silver and Tungsten Bullets will now give 1 ore when decrafted in Shimmer, instead of 1 bar
  • Copper Shortsword, Copper Axe, and Copper Pickaxe will now give 1 Copper Ore and 1 Wood when decrafted in Shimmer (instead of not being decraftable at all)
  • Reduced the sell value of the Glass Kiln
  • Crispy Honey Blocks are now highlighted by Dangersense Potions on FTW Seeds
  • Cacti are now highlighted by Dangersense Potions on Constant Seeds
  • FTW Random Angel Statue replacement should no longer impact Dungeon Chests, including the HM Biome Chests
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Golems, Angry Nimbi, and Rainbow Slimes wouldn't spawn reliably on Remix seed. They should now properly spawn during rain/blizzards.
  • Fixed Molecart being able to dig through Demon Altars pre-Hardmode, and also being able to dig through chests with items in them
  • Fixed an issue where Pumpkin Moon enemies were scaling way too much in multiplayer, including an entirely unintended damage scaling
  • Fixed an issue where Frost Moon enemies were NOT scaling in multiplayer as intended (they should behave the same as the now fixed Pumpkin Moon scaling)
  • Fixing (again) Brain of Cthulhu telefragging players
  • Fixed the Guide to Peaceful Coexistence being flagged as a material when it was not a material
  • Fixed an issue where ipv6 addresses were not functioning correctly for multiplayer servers
  • NPCs or Critters spawned via spammable sources (by placing them, by statues, etc) are now flagged as such, and will be automatically replaced by regular spawns if they reach the spawn limit. This also applies to Queen Bee's Bees.
  • Related fix to the above, the game will now spawn more faelings at once from critters dropped into Shimmer, as they will no longer interfere with natural spawns
  • Fixed Hand of Creation having a lower rarity than Architect Gizmo Pack
  • Fixed several world name generator words that used an inconsistent apostrophe
  • Revised a number of tooltips relating to Ammo and Mana Consumption to be more consistent
  • Revised Celestial Shell accessory line's tooltips to be on more lines so that the text didn't scroll off the screen on small resolutions.
  • Revised tooltips for a few other armor pieces to have more consistent order/phrasing
  • Fixed some minor grammatical issues in some bestiary entries (Note: Localization/tooltip adjustments in and are only to English at this time, and will be added in other languages in a subsequent hotfix)
  • Fixed an issue causing players in Everything seed to get boosted boss death timers when in single player
  • Fixed the Inner Tube being able to float in Honey, and it will now also work in Shimmer if you have the Chromatic Cloak equipped
  • Fixed an issue where Gem Trees would not draw their foliage if there was no block below the block they grew out of
  • Fixed Block Swapping Sand in the Celebration seed not painting it cyan
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes result in Underground Desert chests generating as the wrong type of chest, usually Gold Chests (and with the wrong type of loot)
  • Fixed an issue where some equipment slots could have "nothing" right clicked into them
  • Fixed Halloween and Christmas Bunnies not transforming into Faelings in Shimmer
  • Fixed an issue where the Guide to Environmental Preservation effect would prevent traps from breaking tiles
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Deerclops' enemy slot count from properly reducing spawns like other enemies and bosses
  • Fixed an issue where Horseman's Blade projectiles would sometimes decide to target critters, even though they aren't meant to target critters
  • Fixed an issue with boss projectile NPCs being inconsistently killable in Single vs Multiplayer on FTW/Everything seeds
  • Fixed an issue where Fertilizer wouldn't work on trees in certain Underground layers of Remix/Everything seed
  • Fixed an inconsistency with the collision size of some dart trap darts
  • Added a buffer zone to infection and grass spread outside the edge of the world to prevent scenarios where infection could reach places where it couldn't be purified

[編集] ver 2022年10月7日


  • Guides to Critter Companionship, Environmental Preservation, and Peaceful Coexistence can now be toggled on and off via Right Click, either in the inventory or from hotbar.
  • All Torches are now transmuted in Shimmer to Aether Torches.
  • You can no longer obtain bones via Shimmer decrafting before Skeletron.
  • You can no longer obtain Lihzahrd Bricks via Shimmer decrafting before Golem.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Wall of Flesh's drops to sometimes vanish when the world was converted to Hardmode. Very rare outside of Remix/Everything worlds.
  • Adding a failsafe that will protect players who get stuck in an excessively long Shimmer state.
  • Fixed a potential softlock caused by Shimmer and bouncy blocks.
  • Fixed some issues with Golf and Kwad Racer Drone cameras being stuck panning to the player too long.
  • Fixed Golden Toilets not facilitating proper Poo creation.
  • Fixed Shellphones being unable to be decrafted in Shimmer.
  • Fixed another exploitable item with Shimmer decrafting.
  • Fixed an issue with tile actuation protection extending too far below the tile.
  • Fixed an issue with Oceans being drained repeatedly during gameplay.
  • Fixed an extremely rare issue with the Jungle Temple not generating on Remix/Everything Seed.
  • Fixed an issue allowing enemies to spawn on safe Desert walls.
  • Fixed a minor sprite issue with Town Slimes.
  • Fixed a punctuation issue with Russian Hotdog tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Escape key from functioning on menus.
  • Fixed explosives on For the worthy/Everything Seeds hitting multiple times.
  • Fixed Abigail's Flower not being able to grow on Mushroom or Ash grass.
  • Fixed the Sickle not being able to get Hay from Ash grass and Sea Oats.
  • Fixed an issue with the delay on Darkness messages on the Constant seed not giving enough warning time.

[編集] ver 2022年10月4日


  • Fixed a crash that happened to some players whenever the game tried to save.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC who's names were translated would not drop name-based special drops.
  • Fixed some debug dust on Terra Blade.
  • Fixed issues where thunder/lightning became very fast when the game's time was sped up, resulting in FPS drops and potentially damaging flashing lights.
  • Fixed an issue where holding certain items inhibited the use of some hotkeys when it shouldn't have.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with waterfalls in Retro/Trippy lighting.
  • Fixed a few more items being exploitable via Shimmer decrafting.
  • Fixed it being possible for Shimmer to spawn too high up in worldgen to properly form its visual effects.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to have an invalid loadout slot, breaking all loadout functionality.
  • Fixed an issue with loadout vanities in multiplayer not syncing to other players.
  • Fixed a visual issue with NPC arm sprites during combat animations when Shimmered.
  • Fixed a few minor tooltip and item name inconsistencies.

[編集] ver 2022年10月3日


  • Fixed an issue preventing Quick Stack to Nearby Chests from working with some chests
  • Fixed an issue where Favorited items in Void Bag would be placed into the player's inventory when Looting the Void Bag
  • Fixed an issue when Clentaminator solutions would break trees and cause them to drop the wrong wood
  • Fixed a typo in Ash Wood Breastplate's name (was "Ash Wood Breasplate" previously)
  • Fixed Royal Gel not protecting against Shimmer Slimes
  • Fixed an issue where Spear Range Boost Effects would have unreliable hit detection at high melee speeds
  • Fixed Bottled Honey not giving the Honey buff when used with Quick Heal
  • NPC Shops no longer update their discount price at all once the shop is open. Reenabled moving Greedy Ring/Discount Card in the accessory slots when the shop is open (since the price will no longer change dynamically)
  • Fixed Enchanted Moondial not recharging when Blood Moon/Solar Eclipse occur naturally
  • Fixed an issue where Shimmered items that create Fallen Stars would have the Fallen Stars vanish instantly during day. Additionally, Fallen Stars which are currently in the process of being "picked up" by a player will not vanish during day
  • Fixed an issue where Pearlsand Block was not properly flagged as a Material for some crafting recipes which took any Sand Blocks
  • Fixed Volcano's detonation sound playing for players very far away
  • Fixed Don't Starve death sounds not playing on Constant Seeds
  • Fixed an issue allowing you to switch loadouts while dead, Frozen, Webbed or Stoned
  • Fixed text issue with Fallen Starfish tooltip and Quest text giving the wrong location for fishing
  • Fixed a worldgen issue that would allow thin ice chasms to override Chests
  • Fixed the smart cursor outline of the Barrel not matching its shape
  • Minor updates to other language localization
  • Fixed a line of stray pixels on the Wand of Frosting sprite
  • Fixed an issue with Spear Range Boost Effects looking odd on Minecarts in some scenarios
  • Fixed Abigail's Flower being able to grow over and break a bunch of tiles it shouldn't be able to break
  • Fixed Gamepad Fast Use causing some items to be used indefinitely
  • Fixed Tortured Souls being able to pick up coins (who would want to give even MORE money to the tax man?)
  • A few items were set to be non-decraftable in Shimmer due to exploits
  • Reduced the sell value of Light Disc, Bananarang, Fairy Boots, and Hellfire Treads to be more reasonable
  • Fixed an issue with Sword Range Boost Effects not properly hitting behind the player, and generally improved their hit detection accuracy across the board
  • Fixed Blade of Grass Razor Leaves not inflicting Poisoned

[編集] ver 2022年9月29日


  • Updated non-English localization files to account for some last minute changes and adjustments.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in that prevented Mac/Linux from launching properly.
  • Fixed some additional Mac/Linux related launching and server issues.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain usable items to be duplicated on Gamepad/Console/Mobile/Steam Deck.
  • Fixed a Gamepad issue preventing items from being assigned to the D-Pad Hotbar properly.
  • Fixed a missing tooltip on Aether Campfire.
  • Fixed Lock Boxes not being openable with keys.
  • Fixed Solar Tablets not working in multiplayer but still consuming the tablet.
  • Fixed Pumps turning Lava and Honey into Water.
  • Fixed a softlock caused by leaving worlds in certain ways when using Drones or Golf.
  • Fixed Brain of Cthulhu teleporting too close to the player in For the worthy/Everything Seeds. It should no longer be able to directly telefrag the player, but the Brain is not avoiding you, so a rapidly moving player may still find themselves in its new teleport position.
  • Fixed a visual issue caused by using some spears in reverse gravity.
  • Fixed some tile merging issues with dirt.
  • Fixed an issue causing some Clentaminator Solutions to consume far too much ammo per shot.
  • Fixed some melee speed tooltip inconsistencies on 2 items.
  • Fixed Smart Cursor trying to place Boulders on Pylons.

[編集] ver 2022年9月28日


  • Worlds where Moon Lord has been defeated now show a golden border on the world selection menu.
  • Added one new achievement.
  • Fixed some serverconfig options being completely ignored when running servers.
  • Fixed a major scaling issue with Journey Mode universally having increased stats on enemies.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to infinitely use some items without being able to stop.
  • Fixed an issue where rescuing certain slimes as the 8th would not unlock The Great Slime Mitosis achievement.
  • Fixed character selection not properly applying dyes to players who had dyed pets.
  • Fixed a bug that gave an incorrect death message when killed by Jellyfish Shock Attacks.
  • Added a failsafe so that broken trees in worldgen will be fixed.
  • Fixed Paint Scraper not working with Smart Cursor when removing coatings.
  • Fixed some monoliths not properly being "pushed down" into the ground.
  • Fixed some liquid rendering issues when in reverse gravity.
  • Fixed the change to Chain's recipe from 10->15 not working. It should now properly give 15.
  • Fixed an issue where Magic Quiver's knockback bonus rounded down, which actually nerfed most Knockback values.
  • Fixed an issue where Chains were lava immune, but could NOT be "extended" into lava.
  • Fixed hanging furniture swinging indoors with the wind.
  • Fixed an issue where Jungle critters could spawn in a Corrupt/Crimson Jungle when near Hive blocks.
  • Fixed an issue during worldgen where the game hangs indefinitely trying to spawn some objects.
  • Fixed an issue with Escape not working properly on the Virtual Keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the change Moon Lord's Phantasmal Sphere damage was only applied to one of the two versions.
  • Fixed a few bugs relating to new content that hasn't been spoiled yet.
  • Fixed an issue preventing 2 of the title messages from showing, but they are still not properly translated in non-English languages for now.
  • Fixed an issue with lava spawns from tiles not spawning serverside in multiplayer, resulting in ghost lava.
  • Fixing a worldgen issue with Trapped Chests, which should alleviate at least one possible cause of worldgen freezing on the Everything seed.

[編集] ver 1.4.4 2022年9月28日



[編集] ver 2022年3月1日


  • Fixed numerous issues that caused the game to hang indefinitely when you quit it on Mac & Linux.
  • Fixed Steam overlay issues on Linux.
  • Updated FNA. (Mac/Linux related)

[編集] ver 2022年2月28日


  • Fixed certain inputs failing, acting weird, when using frameskip off setting.
  • Fixed town NPCs not discussing their biome name properly.
  • Fixed Lunar Portal lasers disappearing from screen under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed enemies sliding through cracked bricks in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed Desert Chest optimization.

[編集] ver 2022年2月24日


  • Fixed certain combinations of in-game gamepad and mouse inputs causing cursor-style flicker on Steam Deck.
  • Fixed certain gamepad UI actions not executing properly.

[編集] ver 2022年2月24日


  • GuideがDeerclopsに会うためのヒントを喋るようになった
  • DeerclopsのExpert/Masterにおける体力変動が他のボスと同じになった。故にExpert/Masterでの体力が減った
  • Deerclopsの体力がマルチプレイヤーの参加人数に応じて増えていなかったのを修正
  • DeerclopsがSnowに留まる時間が3日間から1日間になった
  • Deerclopsから離れすぎると体力バーが消えるようになった。また近づくことで再出現する。
  • Deerclopsの防御力が誤って0になっていたのを修正
  • Deerclopsを一度倒した後、条件を再び満たしてからの出現率が25%になった(以前は100%)
  • Deerclopsを倒すと、Skeletronと同じくHealing Potionを落とすようになった
  • PylonはNPCが近くに2人以上いないと販売しなくなった
  • Pylonを販売するのに必要な幸福度が減少
  • NPCが複合バイオーム(例えばHallowed Desert)にいて、少なくとも片方がNPC好みの環境である時、もう片方が嫌いなバイオームであっても幸福度にプラスの補正がかかるようになった。ただし片方のバイオームが好きでも嫌いでもなく、もう片方のバイオームが嫌いだとマイナス補正がかかる。また、大嫌いなバイオームであるCorruptionCrimsonDungeonの大きいマイナス補正を打ち消すことはできない。
  • 「混雑した環境」と判定されるのに必要なNPCの数が1人増えた
  • Eyebrellaを装備してBedで寝ると雲の出現位置がおかしかったのを修正
  • 光を遮断するはずのブロックの数が光を遮断していなかった問題を修正
  • Honey BombDry BombWeapon Rackに置けなかったのを修正
  • Torch GodイベントでのCorrupt Torchからの発射物が雪の結晶になっていたのを修正
  • Chesterのスマートカーソルの輪郭が空中で回転しない問題を修正しました
  • 雨が降って歩いている時のGoldfishCorrupt GoldfishVicious Goldfishにならなかったのを修正
  • Journey Modeで時間を止めたり速めた場合、Desert Tigerが敵に突撃した時に正しく跳ねなかったのを修正
  • 溶岩の釣具が誤って釣り時間に影響を与えていたのを修正
  • Obsidian ArmorRarityが誤ってwhiteになっていたのを修正
  • Lucy the AxePalm TreeCactusを伐採した時に喋らなかったのを修正
  • Jungle ShrineLiving Mahogany Treeのバグをいくつか修正。重なって精製されるとChestが破壊される可能性がある。
  • Star Cloak系のスターを生成するアクセサリーがマルチプレイヤーでスターを正常に生成しなかったのを修正
  • Planteraの胞子がマルチプレイヤーで正常に同期されていなかったのを修正
  • Electrifiedデバフの説明文を適切なものに修正
  • Elf Melterの弾薬が二重に消費されていたのを修正
  • Chain Guillotinesの鎖がとある角度で消滅していたのを修正
  • 言語をPolish(ポーランド語)に設定した時に一部UI関連のテキストがおかしくなっていたのを修正
  • マルチプレイヤーでのテキストベースのクラッシュを修正
  • NPCが一度に複数生成された時に起こる稀なクラッシュを修正

[編集] ver 2021年11月24日



  • Fixed (again) Abigail's Flower growth not appearing on servers, requiring players to log in again to see it
  • Fixed Journey Mode's Enemy Spawn Rate settings being reset on leaving a server
  • Fixed an issue where Don't Starve darkness would cause unnatural black squares in the sky, and make certain biomes too bright at night
  • Fixed Resource Packs from Steam Workshop not always showing their workshop tag properly
  • Corrupt players will now list their origin instead of corrupt text, if they can
  • Corrupt worlds will no longer crash world selection
  • Changed corrupt entries to have a gray title, from a red title
  • Fixed rare crash related to favorited cloud entries
  • Fixed Bat Bat not healing on killing blows
  • Fixed slowdown when leaving the housing window up for a REALLY long time
  • Fixed an issue where changing Hunger status in The Constant worlds would delete certain buffs
  • Nurseがデバフ効果だけでなくバフ効果まで消してしまっていたのを修正
  • Fixed certain cases that allowed users to able to upload resource packs they have downloaded from the workshop
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit
  • Fixed certain projectiles resetting NPCs' immunity for other projectiles wrongfully
  • Fixed serverconfig.txt generated worlds not setting special seed data properly
Abigail's Flower
  • 速度が33%上昇 (3->4)
  • Decrease speed growth per minion from 1.5 to 1.4 (ends at exactly the same value at 11-minion)
  • Improve base acceleration by 10%
  • Decrease acceleration growth from 2 to 1.75 (maxes out at the same minion count)
Lucy the Axe
  • 攻撃速度が20から17になった
  • サイズが20%大きくなった
  • 斧パワーが125%から150%になった
Weather Pain
  • 竜巻の持続時間が50%延長
  • 敵を貫通する数が10から12になった
  • 竜巻のスピードが7から8になった
Pew-matic Horn
  • 攻撃速度が19から20になった
  • 攻撃速度が24から15になった
  • 速度が11から14になった
Houndius Shootius
  • 光線のスピードが8.5から12.5になった
Bat Bat
  • 攻撃速度が30から45になった
  • 攻撃力が18から31になった
  • サイズが15%大きくなった
  • 当てると必ずライフが1回復するようになった
Tentacle Spike
  • 敵に当てるとトゲが刺さるようになった
  • 9秒あたり3ダメージ
  • 最大5本まで
Ham Bat
  • 敵を倒すと自動回復が速くなるようになった
  • 攻撃力が50から57になった
  • サイズが20%大きくなった
Sauteed Frog Legs
Froggle Bunwich

[編集] ver 2021年11月22日


  • Fixed an issue where Abigail's Flower would not visually sync on servers when it grew (rendering it invisible until you rejoined)
  • Deerclops now properly drops money
  • Jungle Mimic由来の稀なクラッシュを修正
  • Fixed an issue with Crystal Serpent being held unusually by the player
  • Fixed an issue where Plantero's Sombrero was poofing when turning Blood and Gore off
  • Garlandの意図しないレシピが存在したのを修正
  • Fixed a duplication exploit
  • Fixed an issue that caused some OGG files in Resource Packs not to loop properly
  • Fixed an issue where the player using a Daedalus Stormbow did not visually "fire upwards"
  • Attempted a fix for issues where slow-joining players could die to Darkness while joining servers
  • Fixed an issue where interacting Pylon from beneath had a different range than the actual teleportation-allowed range
  • Fixed cases of Pressure Plate & Sensor not properly being removed from the world when mined
  • Fixed Seasonal Bunnies not having the surface tag in Bestiary
  • Frozen ZombieWolfBestiary上でSnowに出現すると書かれていなかったのを修正
  • DeerclopsIce GolemBestiary上でRain(Blizzard)のタグがついた
  • Fixed a certain exploit
  • Fixed a potential issue with the Deerclops insanity in multiplayer
  • ワールドをCorruptionで染めようとしたときの不具合を修正
Abigail's Flower
  • 生成率が33%になった
  • Abigail can now only hit up to 3 enemies at once per "attack". This cap increases by 1 for every 2 extra minion slots expended on her (3 minions = 4, 5 minions = 5, etc).
  • DeerclopsにConfused耐性がついた
  • Deerclopsの接触ダメージと氷系の攻撃のダメージをWarmth Potionで軽減できるようになった
Truffle Worm
  • 敵からダメージを受けなくなった

[編集] ver 1.4.3 2021年11月18日



  • ゲーム「Don't Starve」をモチーフにしたワールドシード、The Constantを追加
    • Don't Starveと同じシェーダーを追加
    • 完全な暗闇の中では体力に危険が生じる。
    • 遮るものがない場合、Torchなどの火が消える。
    • 食事を摂らないと餓死の危険がある。
    • 地表にMarble BlockとSpider Biomeが生成される。
    • 「Don't Starve」関連のアイテムの出現率が上がる。
    • Deerclopsが追加された。Hardmode前の中盤ほどで出現。
    • Klei Entertainment提供のDeerclops戦のBGM追加
    • Don't Starveモチーフの、背景の特殊な雲の形が追加
    • Don't Starveから新しいふきだしウィンドウ追加
  • メインメニューにいくつかのウェブサイトへのリンク追加
  • 特殊シード値のワールドではワールド選択画面の木のアイコンが変わるようになった
  • Added a config option for an older version of Smart Cursor Hold, labeled in the config file as "SmartCursorHoldCanReleaseMidUse". Changing this setting to true will make it so that Smart * Cursor: Hold will immediately deactivate when releasing the hold button, even if the player is mining.
  • Don't Starveの世界からいくらかペットが来た(Bernie, Pig Man, Chester, Tiny Deerclops).
  • Don't Starve世界の武器や装備がTerraria世界に追加! 注目すべきは、Ham BatAbigail's FlowerBat Bat、そしてTentacle Spike
  • WilsonとWillowの衣装セット追加
  • 頭衣装とアクセサリー追加(GarlandMagiluminescence).
  • Froggle BunwichとMonster Lasagna(Food)が追加
  • Deerclops関連の家具追加
  • Don't Starveをテーマにした4つの絵画が追加
  • Crimson Grass WallがCorrupted Grass Wallより汚染が遅かったのを修正
  • Fixed a (previously undetectable issue) where enemies with a higher NPC ID than Golden Slimes would have Golden Slime bonus money drops.
  • Fixed a rare worldgen softlock, where the game gets stuck trying to generate Hellforges.
  • Leather Whipの一部が途切れていたのを修正
  • Ice Bowが召喚武器として判定されていたのを修正
  • Flying Knifeに射程制限が無かったのを修正
  • Princessが「去る」演出がAnglerと同じように発生するようになった
  • Changed the SFX of a number of some newer summoning and magic weapons, so that they are a bit more representative of the attack itself.
  • Updated, added to, and pruned dozens of entries from an inaccurate and outdated list of homing projectiles that the Lunatic Cultist has damage resistance against.
  • 稀にminionが特定条件で消えることがあったのを修正
  • Fixed some issues with certain sentry minions, which could result in desync for players joining after they had been summoned.
  • 重力反転状態でCelestial Starboardに乗っている時、星屑が正常に生成されないことがあったのを修正
  • 発射されたRocketについての問題をいくつか修正。その結果いくらかのクラッシュが発生
  • ホットバーの特定のアイテムの色がインベントリの色と異なっていたのを修正
  • Frost armor装備時にBoulderとRolling Cactusが遠距離武器として判定されていた(のでFrost Biteを与えることができていた)のを修正
  • Smooth Marble BlockがDirt Block, Ash Block, Frozen Slime Blockと配置時につながらなかったのを修正
  • スマートカーソルがOnのときに新しく追加されたCampfireに枠線が表示されなかったのを修正
  • Fixed an issue preventing Honey Pit microbiomes from spawning in the Jungle.
  • バフ「Thorn」の効果がEmpress of Lightに対して異常に速くヒットしていたのを修正
  • Dynasty Wallがマップ上で正常な色で表示されていなかったのを修正
  • アップデートや修正のたびにオプション設定の一部がリセットされるのを修正(フルスクリーン時の解像度はまだ未修正)

[編集] ver 2021年5月16日


  • Added the celebrationmk10 secret world seed.
  • Corrected the damage on Frost armor's set bonus debuff from 20 to 25 DPS.
  • Fixed Vulkan and Metal rendering issues that lead to crash, on FNA builds.
  • Fixed the Inner Tube + Jousting Lance exploit leading to absurd damage.
  • Fixed missing tooltip in Queen Slime's Treasure Bag.
  • Fixed every Plants#Vines type except normal/flower vines from passing on paint as they grow longer.
  • Fixed Spiked Slimes being able to pick up coins and despawn with them.

[編集] ver 2021年4月21日


  • Projectile NPCs (enemy projectiles that can be hit and destroyed by the player) are now subject to the effects of that enemy's banner.
  • Chattering Teeth Bomb and Shadowflame Apparition are now also subject to their creator's banners (Clown and Goblin Summoner respectively.)
  • All town NPC first names can now be adjusted using Resource Packs.
  • Added /ale to the Emote Commands menu list.
  • Fixed a crash caused by having no valid/detected audio devices when launching Terraria.
  • Fixed an issue where certain tracks, most notably the Terraria intro track, would not loop correctly with some music Resource Packs.
  • Fixed an issue where renaming or importing worlds would change the time of day in that world to the time of the main menu at the moment they were renamed.
  • Fixed an issue where the SteelSeries RGB setting was using the Logitech setting in the config.json, not the SteelSeries setting.
  • Fixed an issue where certain MP3 files would play at dramatically lower speeds.
  • Fixed an issue where the Linux GOG dedicated server was not launching correctly under some conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where non-Journey players could sometimes be set to permanently have Journey powers activated.
  • Fixed a Multiplayer syncing issue relating to enemy heal effects.
  • Fixed an error that led to Dart Pistol and Dart Rifle's 1.4.1 balance change not being applied.
  • This content is transcluded from 1.4.1.
  • The balance changes made to the Dart Pistol and Dart Rifle in 1.4 are being reverted, damage decreased from 33 to 28 and 62 to 52 respectively. (This was not put into effect until
  • Fixed a missing apostrophe in Pillagin Me Pixels item name.
  • Fixed an issue where the completion meter in the Bestiary would show a comma after 100% when using any language other than English.
  • Fixed an issue where Lazure's Barrier Platform would be worn on your head when in reverse gravity.
  • Fixed an inconsistency where language and music Resource Packs would be prioritized in reverse order compared to texture changes. Packs at the top should be prioritized, but language changes were prioritizing packs at the bottom.
  • Fixed projectile knockback being inconsistent in Multiplayer.

[編集] ver 2021年3月31日


  • Fixed an issue where MP3s used for replacing Music tracks would not loop
  • Fixed an issue where replaced Music tracks would be significantly louder than normal tracks
  • Fixed an issue where replacing Music tracks did not work on Mac (and possibly Linux as well, unconfirmed)
  • Fixed a text issue in the Workshop Publishing menu that showed debug text for the "Other" tag
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Title messages from being changed by Resource Packs.
  • Changed Striking Moment's Buff text to reflect that it actually adds 400% damage (500% total) rather than adding 500%
  • Fixed a loading issue with XNB assets in Resource Packs that prevented them from working properly
  • Fixed an issue where Bubble Blocks could not be used as the walls for player-spawn houses
  • Fixed a typo in Dune world generation in regards to their position with Snow biomes
  • Fixed some minor grammatical and capitalization issues
  • Changed the Worldgen Menu to properly indicate that you CAN rename your worlds (as this changed in 1.4.2)
  • Fixed an issue where Luminite Ore and Bricks made "Dirt" thud sounds when mined, instead of ore/metal sounds
  • Fixed an issue where Doors, Trap Doors, and Tall Gates could render a house invalid if they were open

[編集] ver 1.4.2 2021年3月29日


  • Added Steam Workshop Integration to Terraria, allowing the downloading and sharing of World Files and Resource Packs
  • Expanded Resource Pack Functionality to include Language Replacement and Music Replacement
  • Added a button to the Research and Bestiary Menus that lets you delete all current search text
  • Enemy Banners now also give increased player protection against enemy projectiles (previously they only applied to contact damage)
  • Added an option to change the name of characters and worlds
  • Fixed a recurring issue with Rolling Cacti spawning on Demon Altars and causing crashes
  • Fixed an issue where seeds would not always generate identical worlds, depending on how many worlds had been generated in that play session
  • Fixed an issue where some falling tiles would fall through platforms instead of landing on them
  • Fixed an issue where Paper Airplanes did not drop in the quantities that the Bestiary said they should be dropping at
  • Fixed an issue where falling coins were no longer able to land on top of other coins
  • Fixed an issue where Trap Doors would not properly sync in multiplayer, allowing enemies to move through them
  • Fixed an issue where sitting players wearing the Gi outfit would be in a "jumping" pose
  • Fixed an issue where spreading Moss would not always use the proper frame when on servers
  • Fixed an issue where Smooth Marble Blocks would merge with Echo Blocks
  • Fixed an issue where Ale Tosser did not properly receive Frostburn effects from Frost Armor
  • Fixed an issue where Smoke Blocks did not stay hammered between gameplay sessions
  • Fixed an issue where some Ocean enemies could spawn even behind safe walls
  • Twinkle Popper's Twinkles no longer pick up money, as they would delete it forever during their explosion attack
  • Fixed an issue where Fossil Pickaxe, Tree Globe, and World Globe would fall through blocks forever when dropped
  • Fixed an issue where the Wall of Flesh can drop below the world's boundary
  • Fixed an issue where Sergeant United Shield was accidentally showing accessory dyes under some specific circumstances, even though it is a weapon
  • Fixed an issue where Resonance Scepter and Life Drain could only knockback enemies to the right
  • Fixed an issue where High Velocity Bullets could sometimes hit particularly large targets twice (does not apply to multi-segment enemies, this should still allow multiple hits)
  • Fixed an issue where Pupfish were sometimes spawning in the Ocean
  • Fixed an issue where Wand of Sparking's projectile was using Melee damage modifiers, not Magic
  • Fixed a rare issue where the game could freeze if it was literally impossible to spawn a meteorite
  • Fixed an issue where Wasp Gun had a tooltip that just said "Wasp Gun"
  • Fixed an issue where players who died, or Hardcore player ghosts, would interfere with Player Logic Sensors
  • Fixed an issue where Star Cannon's projectile could not land critical hits, and wouldn't always receive proper stat bonuses from player equipment
  • Fixed an issue where Star Cannon's projectile could not be fired through platforms
  • Fixed a certain duplication exploit
  • Fixed an issue where Spikes would not hurt the player from some angles at certain elevations
  • Fixed an issue where World Globe would skip some forest backgrounds
  • Fixed an issue where Amphibian Boots stacked with other Frog Leg variants, even though Frog Leg variants do not otherwise stack

[編集] ver 2020年11月10日


  • Localization should now be updated to fully include 1.4.1 content. Special thanks to Criddle and Midnaait for additional contributions in regards to localization changes!
  • Reverted Town NPC House/Village check distance increase. This was doubled in 1.4.1, and has now been returned to 1.4 levels.
  • NPC Happiness now gives the "Space" bonus for 3-NPC towns. Previously, there was neither a bonus nor a penalty at 3 NPCs, but this was perceived as a penalty, so its been changed.
  • Skeletron Prime's bombs now explode on Planter Boxes (like they were changed to do on Platforms)
  • Capes now show when sitting or riding mounts. This was previously limited due to conflicts, but feedback indicated it was worth the potential awkwardness at times to have the option.
  • Queen Slime's minions can now drop Slime Staff at normal drop rates
  • Clicking anywhere on the creative/bestiary menu will pause searching. This should make the UI more intuitive and result in being accidentally "stuck" in the textbar less common.
  • Updated Timeless Traveler sprites, as the sprites being used were accidentally out of date versions
  • Spectre Goggles no longer override helmets entirely, as they are not full head accessories and were not meant to do so
  • Attempting a music-related fix for an issue where users cannot increase their music volume above 0%. This may also potentially fix some seemingly unrelated launch crashes which actually stem from the same root issue.
  • Fixed an issue with Happiness values that was causing them to round down heavily, negating minor differences and making it harder to reach certain thresholds.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crowded penalty for only 1 NPC was acting like there were 2 extra NPCs, making it start more severely than intended
  • Fixed a back-end issue that prevented the Chinese localization for 1.4 being added to the game correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Ronin set would not show fireflies on a female character
  • Fixed an issue where player skin became much brighter under some circumstances, such as using some Light Pets
  • Fixed another syncing issue with Cracked Dungeon Bricks, which should resolve the teleporting enemies in Dungeons
  • Fixed an issue where increasing time rate in Journey mode would make the Credits run very fast on the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where certain parts of the credits roll did not support texture packs and could result in a crash
  • Fixed Life Drain not costing mana to use in PVP
  • Fixed a fault in the Prismatic Lacewing sprite file that caused severe issues for a small minority of Linux users
  • Fixed Princess discussing bosses/threats that hadn't been defeated yet
  • Fixed Princess's party hat not being on her head correctly
  • Fixed Video Visage's screen being offset when in reverse gravity
  • Fixed an issue where some Vanity ears would show the back-ear in the wrong position when sitting
  • Fixed an issue where Tail accessories did not adjust their height correctly when sitting
  • Fixed an issue where certain hairs would "draw double" when sitting
  • Fixed a wide variety of NPC Dialogue, Bestiary, and Item Flavor Text grammatical/spelling/punctuation issues.
  • Fixed an issue with Town NPCs not teleporting into very tall/thin homes at night, or houses where chairs did not have sufficient space
  • Fixed Tall Hats having visual issues when riding a mount
  • Fixed a visual framing issue with the Bamboo Lantern
  • Fixed an issue where Stardust Guardian was no longer transparent when dyed
  • Fixed an issue where some critters would super jump while underwater
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs and Cats would sit in the same seat at night
  • Fixed an issue where Vanity Rocket Boot trails were inconsistently prioritized and not always showing the correct trail
  • Fixed an issue where Bones were still flagged as Ammo
  • Fixed an issue where Lunar Drills/Chainsaws were getting prefixes they shouldn't
  • Fixed an issue where the game did not Autopause in the Achievements menu
  • Fixed a sell value inconsistency introduced by 1.4.1's crafting cost change for Adamantite/Titanium Ore bars
  • Fixed an issue where Gamepad Master Mode slot visibility toggle did not work properly
  • Jousting Lances can no longer receive melee speed prefixes. They already could not benefit from Melee speed, but this fixes some bugs caused by Melee speed modifiers that impacted them.
  • Fixed an unusual exploit allowing you to force-teleport other players
  • Fixed some stat inaccuracies where several OOA armor's stats did not match their tooltips. Also made a few text adjustments to clarify specific damage types.
  • Fixed an issue where Hero's Shield was not giving its aggro boost
  • Fixed a minor visual issue with Tinkerer's Workshop where some of its pixels were not visible
  • Fixed Sky Dragon's Fury not animating when thrown on the ground
  • Fixed Sky Dragon's Fury's secondary fire not inflicting Flask debuffs
  • Fixed an issue where Souls in a Bottle were missing animation frames
  • Fixed an issue where Hair 6 and Hair 94 had a conflict with capes
  • Fixed an issue where Credits would scroll when paused
  • Town NPCs will only fire on enemies if that enemy can be targetted (ideally, no more Plantera Hooks and the like)
  • Fixed some inefficiency in Minion targetting that had performance impacts
  • Fixed some exploits/oversight related to Bee Hives, Bunny Cannons, and Antlion Eggs
  • Fixed an issue with enemy Bees attacking invincible enemies, such as the Mysterious Tablet.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling through Character Difficulty modes with Gamepad or WASD would follow a backwards order
  • Fixed a handful of item drop rates that were not properly affected by luck (mostly some OOA drops). Will not impact actual drop rates to much of a substantial degree.
  • Fixed an issue with a few leaf sprites that caused them to not correctly handle paint
  • Fixed an issue where most falling tile projectiles would fall through platforms, except for regular Sand. All of them now land on the platform, except hostile Sand ball projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue where some large texture items would scale down twice in chat
  • Fixed an issue where Reaper Hood's head texture had an offset frame
  • Fixed an issue where Robot Shirt worked with "hand" accessories, since its hands were incompatible with them. Robot Shirt and Pumpkin Shirt now do not work with Belt accessories either, for the same reason.
  • Fixed an issue where some texture sizes weren't updated in the code, which prevented texture packs of those sprites from working properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Paper Airplane projectile wasn't considered Ranged
  • Fixed an issue where Molotov Cocktail didn't gain Frost Armor's Frostburn debuff
  • Fixed an issue where Coin Gun would not prioritize Coin slots over Inventory slots
  • Fixed a crash stemming from using the Clinger Staff near the top of the world when in reverse gravity
  • Fixed an issue with some helmets drawing incorrectly on the minimap when in reverse gravity
  • Fixed an issue where Brain of Cthulhu would despawn if there wasn't enough room to teleport
  • Fixed an issue where Paper Airplanes weren't correctly dropping in stacks
Melee weapons

Brand of the Inferno

  • Use time decreased from 25 to 20 in light of recent buffs to similar tier weapons

Chlorophyte Claymore

  • Increased damage from 80 to 95 in light of recent buffs to similar tier weapons

Chlorophyte Saber

  • Increased damage from 48 to 57 in light of recent buffs to similar tier weapons

Christmas Tree Sword

  • Projectiles now deal 75% of the base damage instead of 50%
Ranged weapons

Super Star Shooter

  • Increased use time from 12 to 18.
  • Reduced damage from 70 to 60.
  • Note: Due to immune frame time, this will actually result in more consistent damage, and is actually a buff. The damage decrease was required to offset the significantly increased damage.
Magic weapons

Betsy's Wrath

  • Partially reverting damage buff from 1.4.1, reducing damage from 110 to 100
Summon weapons

Hornet Staff

  • Increased damage from 11 to 12 (building upon the initial increase in 1.4.1 from 9 to 11)

Vampire Frog Staff

  • Reverting damage buff from 1.4.1, reducing damage from 13 to 11. The AI/functionality changes from 1.4.1 have been more than sufficient on their own, and the extra damage was unneeded.

Imp Staff

  • Enemy immune frames caused by Imp attacks have been reduced from 10 to 6

Obsidian Armor

  • Reduced the Minion damage bonus on the helmet and legs from 9% to 8% each
  • Reduced the Minion damage increase on the set bonus from 25% to 15%
  • Reduced the Whip speed increase on the set bonus from 50% to 35%

Spider Staff

  • Summoning Spiders will now attempt to systematically summon the different types of spiders in order, rather than randomly. Due to immune frame schenanigans, this may result in more consistent damage, though it does not actually increase the maximum potential of the weapon.

Optic Staff

  • Enemy immune frames caused by Spazmamini and Retinamini attacks have been reduced from 16 to 12
  • Increased Spazmamini's movement speed while pursuing enemies

Deadly Sphere Staff

  • Enemy immune frames caused by Deadly Sphere attacks have been reduced from 10 to 8


  • Reduced explosion proc damage from 3x of minion base damage to 2.75x

Cool Whip

  • Cool Whip now inflicts Frostburn a short duration on hit
  • Increased the movement speed of the Snowflake minion by 50%

Desert Tiger

  • Now "bounces on" its current target if that target is in the air, staying more firmly latched on and dealing damage
  • Increased scaling damage per "minion slot" expended slightly (from 33% of base damage to 40% of base damage)

Rainbow Crystal Staff

  • Partially reverting the damage reduction in 1.4, increasing its damage from 80 to 130

Celestial Starboard

  • Made some adjustments to improve its handling, while still keeping the fix that made sure that Starboard got full dash distance

Star Cloak

  • Only creates stars now when taking damage from enemy sources

Black Spot

  • Slightly increased acceleration, to slightly offset for the loss of overall speed in 1.4.1
Crafting Recipes

Chlorophyte Bar

  • Reduced crafting recipe from 6 to 5 ore per bar

Chlorophyte Bullet

  • Reduced crafting efficiency from 70 bullets per bar to 60 bullets per bar (to roughly maintain parity with the Bar crafting cost change)

Snow Flinx

  • Removed its Poisoned immunity

Wall of Flesh

  • Removed its Poisoned immunity

Queen Bee

  • Added Poisoned immunity

Mourning Wood

  • Added Poisoned immunity

The Twins

  • Added Poisoned immunity

Martian Probe

  • Added Poisoned immunity

Granite Golem/Granite Elemental

  • Added On Fire! / Hellfire immunity


  • Added On Fire! / Hellfire immunity

Frozen Zombie

  • Added Frostburn Immunity


  • Added Cursed Inferno Immunity

Old One's Skeleton

  • Added Poisoned immunity
Unlisted changes
  • Renamed "Gypsy Robe" to "Mystic Robe".

[編集] ver 2020年10月14日


  • Fixed a Mac only issue that caused a crash when attempting to host a server.
  • Fixed a bug causing it to be much harder than expected to achieve the happiness required for the Leading Landlord achievement.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Linux from taking screenshots correctly.
  • Fixed an oversight within the Game Credits.
  • Fixed an issue in Dungeon code that was causing the same seed to create different worlds each time.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Master mode players from accessing all accessory slots with Gamepad.
  • Fixed a crash related to housing menu interaction with Gamepad.
  • Daybreak spears embedded in Moon Lord eyes will instantly explode and deal their bonus damage immediately if the eye closes.
  • Fixed an issue causing a kanji key to automatically replace some keybindings.
  • Fixed an issue causing Jungle Armor, Ancient Cobalt, and Molten sets to not have the proper bonuses, while some other items (like Band of Regeneration) got them instead.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Hot Reels achievement to unlock when fishing in any liquid.
  • Fixed a bug causing Princess to not properly check for nearby NPCs, resulting in her being lonely even when surrounded by neighbors.
  • Players transformed into a Werewolf/Merman no longer have human faces when wearing certain accessories.
  • Fixed several grammatical/spelling issues in NPC dialogue.
  • Fixed a few minor item tooltip/flavor text issues.
  • Fixed a buggy dialogue line from Princess about Santa Claus.
  • Fixed a buggy dialogue line from Transformed Zoologist about the Princess.
  • Fixed Video Visage not applying dye to the screen when showing up on the Map.
  • Fixed an issue with the Witch Costume not properly showing legs underneath of it, even its own Witch Boots.
  • Fixed an issue when renaming chests that prevented the player from exiting their inventory easily.
  • Fixed an issue where Town NPCs would try to sit on Dynasty Chairs (they shouldn't be able to).
  • Fixed an issue where Bone Glove wouldn't equip by right clicking from the inventory, and had to be equipped manually.

[編集] ver 1.4.1 2020年10月13日


  • Ultrabright Helmet now supports visible hair when worn
  • Armors and vanity items which draw on the back (backpacks, tails, wings, and capes) are now no longer mutually exclusive. This means that you can now have one of any of those four categories all displaying at the same time. Previously, only one of those could ever be visible at a time (for instance, if you had visible wings, you could not ever see a cape, backpack, or tail).
  • Combat Wrench now displays on the player regardless of what other backpacks are currently shown (it is its own category of back-draw)
  • Angel Halo now functions like Unicorn Horn, in that it will be visible regardless of any other head equipment or vanity that is equipped
  • Accessories which draw on the head have also been split into several subgroups, which will allow several of them to be worn simultaneously. For example, Blindfold/Spectre Goggles in the eye slot, Nature's Gift/Obsidian Rose in the "flower" slot and Ginger Beard.
  • Blindfold can now be visibly seen when wearing hats/helmets which show the face
  • Wearing Diving Helmet-series accessories set to visible will override your helmet, allowing them to be seen instead of your helmet
  • Obsidian Skull-series accessories that are set to visible are now compatible with hats/helmets that show the face, as it will replace your face with the skull. Due to the shape of the Skull not fitting standard "Terrarian face" shapes, on certain helmets, it will use a different sprite with a more standard layout. You can also wear virtually all physically compatible Head/Face accessories with the Obsidian Skull as well.
  • Ginger Beard has been resprited, and if set to visible, is now compatible with hats/helmets that show the face. It is also now compatible with most other Head/Face accessories.
  • Reworked Shield/Cape display so that Shields and Capes are now visually compatible with each other again. The Shield now draws "in front" of the Cape, instead of underneath of it, which led to many of the initial issues.
  • Shields which are set to not be visible can still be dyed, and will show that dye when actively used (such as Shield of Cthulhu dash or Brand of the Inferno Block). Previously, if they were set to invisible, their active use version would never have dye.
  • Long-player hair is now properly compatible with wings/backpacks, and will show the full length of the hair without being cut-off visually
  • The special trails left by various types of running boots (Sailfish Boots, Flurry Boots, Flower Boots, etc) are now also subject to vanity usage, and you can use the one you prefer either through re-ordering accessories or using the social slots
  • Bone Glove now has visual vanity for the hand slot
  • The Journey Mode duplication menu has been overhauled, with the addition of several new filters to break up some of the larger categories
  • Additionally, the Misc option in the duplication menu should more properly encompass items that do not fall under any other category
  • Made minor updates to Boss Mask item sprites to match the mask sprites
  • Sprite update for Orange/Amber Phasesaber
  • Torch God now plays an Otherworldly track when that setting is toggled
  • Bestiary now indicates if a drop is Wave-based/if it only drops after a certain wave in Frost Moon and Pumpkin Moon
  • Loading Tips now appear when connecting to a server
  • Thunder volume is now adjusted with the Ambient SFX settings rather than regular Sound settings (edited)
  • Plantero's Sombrero has made its triumphant return
  • Reorganized menu settings for resolution/fullscreen/windowed borderless to all use the same sub-menu, to reduce confusion
  • Updated FNA (Mac/Linux related)
  • Added RGB support for SteelSeries game peripherals
  • Adding updated localization for all languages up to 1.4 (some 1.4.1 content may still be untranslated, and these translations will come in an upcoming hotfix)





[編集] ver 2020年6月4日


  • The Multiplayer server is now more strict about fake connection attempts.
  • Added some error handling for peripheral Chroma-related crashes.
  • Improved error handling to prevent some crashes related to "Spritebatch"
  • Improved error handling to prevent some sound related crashes when alt+tabbing out.
  • Chests and similar furniture placed on top of non-solid tiles should no longer cause crashes.
  • Fixed a file naming error that would cause a crash for Linux users.
  • Fixed a crash that can happen sometimes when changing screens.
  • Fixed a crash that happens when sitting/sleeping in relation to the Potion of Return.
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by using a Magic Conch in a Sandstorm.
  • Fixed a crash caused by attempting to load worlds that were so corrupted, that even the corruption detection was corrupted.
  • Fixed a certain issue with worlds saving in host-and-play.
  • Fixed a certain world loading bug.
  • Fixed loading a bugged world in host-and-play leaving a stuck server process.
  • Added further protections against characters named "." and similar such names causing file deletion.
  • Error log entries for RGB/Peripheral support now properly indicate that they are normal messages, and not errors. They also include a message indicating that you can disable them.
  • Added a rolling world save backup system to improve reliability of world file backups in case of corrupted files. By default, there will be one additional backup save in addition to the previous saves, and this can be increased up to a *maximum of 9. You can change this value in the config.json or serverconfig.txt with the setting "WorldRollbacksToKeep".
  • The Torch God now haunts Terraria.
  • Added an item that gives you a new sidebar option setting that will auto-convert placed torches to the biome type.
  • Black Slimes and Blue Jellyfish now have a chance to spawn in Hardmode for Bestiary completion.
  • Dungeon fishing loot now takes priority in overlapping Dungeon biomes.
  • Fishing now prioritizes ammo slots when selecting bait to use.
  • Technically a fix, changed a very long running code typo that made Crate Potion have an entirely incorrect recipe. Now takes Amber, Moonglow, Shiverthorn, and Waterleaf.
  • The Truffle now likes living in the Mushroom biome (instead of being neutral).
  • Forest Pylon can now be used in the sky as well.
  • Flying Dutchman now unlocks its Bestiary entry in one kill.
  • Lihzahrd Mechanical Traps can no longer be broken with explosives before Golem has been defeated.
  • Pirate Invasions after the first one are now less common.
  • Explosive Trap deaths should handle mass item drops more efficiently now, and will attempt to preserve Mediumcore item drops.
  • Changed Empress' Emote quicktext to "eol" to match other boss emotes.
  • Changed a crafting inconsistency with Obsidian Toilet not matching other Obsidian furniture.
  • Changed a minor crafting inconsistency where Crimtane Brick was not as efficient as Demonite Brick.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not move properly on some computers.
  • Fixed a damage issue with Slap Hand.
  • Fixed an issue where PvP Jousting did not take momentum damage into consideration.
  • Fixed a noun/verb issue with a death message.
  • Fixed an issue where Soul Bottles didn't count as a valid light source.
  • Fixed an issue where Gravedigger's Shovel didn't dig the center block at the same speed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Toy Tank mount was too tall.
  • Fixed some item tooltips.
  • Fixed some punctuation issues with Town Happiness text.
  • Fixed an issue where Haemorrhaxe's item size was incorrectly allowing it to fall through the world.
  • Fixed an issue where most Demon Eye variants could not descend through platforms.
  • Fixed an issue where Finches sometimes could not descend through platforms.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ocean Pylon was sold below ground where it wasn't usable.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed swapping out the Discount Card when shopping.
  • Fixed an issue that broke the ability for some enemies to have size variation.
  • Clay Pots no longer break instantly when placed over a bottom sloped block.
  • Fixed an offset issue with the menu fade-in.
  • Fixed a worldgen issue with the Temple's doors not being accessible.
  • Buff effects should now properly follow enemies affected by NPC Smoothing.
  • Chaos Elementals and Worms are no longer affected by NPC Smoothing.
  • Fixed some NPC Smoothing issues with King/Queen Slime, Golem, Wall of Flesh and teleporting casters.
  • Fixed an NPC Smoothing issue where Town NPCs in Portal Gun portals would float around oddly.
  • Improved some NPC Smoothing issues when spawning/teleporting.
  • Town NPCs should no longer smooth back to their home positions in multiplayer.
  • Default NPC Smoothing range is reduced from 1000 to 300.
  • Fixed trees not dropping acorns when grown on Golf Grass.
  • Fixed an issue where RNG would make fishing power display change wildly.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with mowed grass and biome spread.
  • Fixed an issue where Dungeon pits could generate at the surface.
  • Cleaned up some Christmas decoration grouping in the Duplication menu (Journey mode).
  • Organized some inconsistent Critter/Gold Critter orders in the Bestiary.
  • Mechanical Piranhas will now catch up more quickly so you can't outrun them.
  • NPCs should now drop Platinum Coins in stacks below 999, should they pick up more than 999 Platinum.
  • Fixed an issue where several new items in Fishing Crates (mostly pets) were not dropping in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where Sky Dragon's Fury and Tome of Infinite Wisdom did not auto-use their right click functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where Tome of Infinite Wisdom could consume mana and waste it when using its right click functionality.
  • Fixed the Bestiary background for Giant Flying Fox.
  • Fixed Light Lamia's Bestiary entry not showing them as being in the Hallow Desert.
  • Fixed an issue where the FPS counter would move with the UI Scale setting.
  • Duke Fishron and Dreadnautilus should now properly retarget another player if the current one dies/teleports away.
  • Fixed Coral and Seashells not matching their tile placement preview.
  • Flails no longer continue spinning when Cursed/Stoned/Frozen/etc.
  • Golf Grass should now convert to dirt when exposed to lava.
  • Tavernkeep will no longer sell Pylons when his unique shop is full.
  • Happy Grenades now properly explode and deal damage in Multiplayer when touching a player.
  • Fixed a visual issue with several very tall hats displaying pixels by the player's feet.
  • Fixed certain back accessories/outfits not drawing properly in the Character Selection menu.
  • Fixed Gem Trees and Vanity Trees not blocking the tiles beneath them from being hammered.
  • Fixed an issue where buff order was not re-calculated properly under certain circumstances, leaving empty spaces.
  • Fixed an issue where several flying critters were only counting towards Bestiary sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where fluid bombs could destroy tiles they should not.
  • Fixed an issue where sand traps would generate over furniture in worldgen.
  • Invasion warning messages should no longer spam the player when time is frozen (in Journey mode).
  • Fixed an issue where Snake Ropes would never vanish if the summoning player quits out of the server.
  • Fixed Dirt Bombs not producing dirt when exploding on half-slabs.
  • Fixed some falling blocks duplicating when dropping them on actuated half-slabs.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Guitars and Capes being held awkwardly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shield of Cthulhu's invulnerability time would actually reset pre-existing damage immunity, allowing you to get hit faster.
  • Fixed a minor pixel issue with the Gato Pet.
  • Fixed Santa Claus having a Traveling Merchant party quote instead of his own.
  • Fixed Encumbering Stone not letting you pick up Mana Cloak Stars.
  • Fixed a minor frame animation issue with the Large Volcano decorative item.
  • Fixed an inconsistency where hair did not light up when on fire, like the rest of the body.
  • Fixed an issue where there were two different Deadly prefixes that Ranged weapons could get.
  • Fixed an issue where Golf Cups would send a wire signal for every player on the server.
  • Fixed some sleeping/fishing related issues by preventing you from doing both at the same time.
  • Fixed some issues with Wet Bombs.
  • Fixed one of the Forest backgrounds having a pixel artifact.
  • New fences will now allow trees to grow.
  • Gem Trees will also now grow with natural cave backgrounds behind them.
  • Fixed some buff icons having whitespace on them instead of transparency.

[編集] ver 2020年5月23日


  • Made some optimizations to help game performance
  • Fixed some memory management issues
  • Fixed lighting related crash with non-color mode
  • Added a serverconfig setting "slowliquids" that restores the maximum moving liquid/quick settle condition to's setting, off by default. Turning this on will decrease the amount of *liquid that can move at once, but may reduce lag.
  • Fixed a crash when loading certain worlds
  • Fixed Solar Pillar enemy's bestiary page crashing the game on Linux
  • Fixed Team Nameplates being in the wrong position
  • Fixed Team Nameplates no longer showing the healthbars of damaged teammates
  • Fixed an issue where multiplayer servers could run and allow players to join corrupted world files
  • Fixed an issue where Sticky Grenades, Bombs, and Dynamite didn't always stick
  • Fixed an issue where Blockswapped and replaced tiles might maintain their cracked nature
  • Fixed an issue where Mana Stars were dropping roughly 20% as much as they should
  • Petting a Town Pet will no longer let you pet them if slopes are interfering and would make you float
  • Fixed Collector's Edition Carrot overriding the Magic Mirror on a Journey Mode character
  • Fixed Traveling Merchant and Skeleton Merchant accidentally having NPC Happiness
  • Fixed an issue where Enchanted Sundial would cause heavy FPS drops
  • Fixed NPCs sitting incorrectly in Dynasty Chairs
  • Fixed an issue where a lot of non-gore objects were hidden by Blood/Gore settings
  • Fixed some Hardmode Dungeon enemies drawing into the floor slightly in their animation
  • Fixed an issue where Digging Molecart would dig through tiles that should not be destroyed
  • Fixed player map borders not adjusting the border color properly
  • Fixed an issue where Cultist Devotee Banner and Red Potion did not have research values
  • Fixed Explosives counting as PVP damage, resulting in it not dropping coins when you were killed by them
  • Fixed a couple of tooltip typos
  • Fixed some consistency issues with Ninja Gear tooltips
  • Updated Invisibility Potion's tooltip
  • Fixed a sprite issue with Bowl of Soup
  • Fixed an issue where if the entire top of your world was covered with platforms, it would prevent meteors from spawning
  • Fixed certain cases of text getting random newlines

[編集] ver 2020年5月20日


  • torchの運ステータス低下要素を撤廃
  • Increased Prismatic Lacewing spawn rate significantly
  • Angry Dandelions now have a chance to drop Daybloom
  • Betsy now only takes one kill to "max" Bestiary progress like other main bosses
  • Zenithの作成にBee Keeperが更に必要になりました
  • Shiverthorn is now somewhat slower to grow, but twice as fast to bloom
  • Waterleaf grows faster in the rain, Blinkroot grows faster underground, Fireblossom in the Underworld
  • More Blinkroots appear during worldgen, and all herbs can potentially "grow" during worldgen as well
  • Owls now hoot less
  • Added a large quantity of art asset revisions, mostly minor touch ups, but several with substantial changes, most notably, the Molten weapons and tools, Clentaminator, and S.D.M.G.
  • Tombstones now display with Dangersense Potion
  • Dungeon Guardian and Old Man will also be unlocked if you have Skeletron unlocked now, in addition to the previously existing methods to ensure you could unlock them
  • Added a config.json setting called "DisableIntenseVisualEffects" that you can use to disable flashing during thunderstorms. Can be expanded to include other mechanics upon feedback.
  • Fixed an issue that caused serious worldgen problems and some crashes for users with Turkish-language PCs (and possibly some other languages as well)
  • Users with file permissions crashes should now get an updated error message giving more instructions on the matter (File permissions issues stem from Terraria not being allowed by the PC to make and modify save files, usually causing crashes when saving or making characters/worlds)
  • Fixed not getting a proper sound initialization not actually disabling sound, this should fix some sound initialization crashes
  • Added some optimization to Mannequins and Hat Racks to decrease their performance toll
  • Added some protection against crashing while taking very large Camera mode snapshots
  • Reduced liquid movement restrictions in Multiplayer, which should translate to more liquid being allowed to move in servers at once
  • Improved how multiplayer servers handle liquid syncing
  • Added new multiplayer NPC smoothing code, adjustable by a config.json setting called "MultiplayerNPCSmoothingRange" , npcs who move less than this range (default 1000 pixels) would be smoothed into their next position (can be disabled by setting it to 0)
  • Team name plates no longer show health when at full health to improve MP performance
  • Added a config.json setting called "TeamNameplateDistance" that lets you reduce the distance at which team names are drawn, with the default being 2000. Reducing the number of Team Nameplates on screen in MP can improve performance, so this can be used as needed.
  • Fixed an issue where the World Menu seed button was still hidden
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes players would get an extremely long death timer. The maximum should now be limited to 30 seconds. This should retroactively fix characters with an extremely high death timer.
  • Fixed certain users not having left-click assigned to their mouse in the main menu when loading 1.4
  • Fixed an issue where Minions would be summoned at an inverted position when in reverse gravity
  • Fixed an issue where the summon lock-on icon would at an inverted position in reverse gravity
  • Fixed an issue where Hallow Trees on mowed Hallow grass would drop normal wood
  • Fixed an issue where coin sparkles weren't appearing
  • Fixed an issue where Gold Seahorses were caught as "Seahorse Cages"
  • Fixed an issue where some Goblins would get stuck in doors and sink into the floor
  • Fixed an outline issue on Jungle Pants
  • Fixed flail chains drawing incorrectly while on some mounts
  • Fixed an issue where wearing Moon Lord Legs and Frog Legs at the same time would give you no legs at all
  • Fixed an issue where you could use the Step Stool while grappled
  • Fixed an issue where Stylist-only hairs were inadvertently available by randomizing your character
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs were affected by disliking their neighbors more than hating their neighbors
  • Fixed an issue where you could summon multiple Queen Slimes
  • Fixed an issue where Texture Packs would not work for tiles without a game restart
  • Fixed some visual effects acting unusually when time is sped up with Journey mode/sleeping/Sundials
  • Titanium armor's set bonus no longer triggers off of Target Dummies
  • Fixed a crash when a server tries to generate certain seeds via serverconfig.txt
  • Fixed an issue where having pickup text off and using a Sonar Potion would delete the item you get
  • Fixed Obsidian Sinks using only Obsidian instead of Hellstone
  • Fixed server config.txt world path option being ignored during auto create
  • Fixed Hooks and Mounts being usable after Mediumcore death
  • Fixed Trident movement impacting minecarts
  • Fixed Angler Quest fishing icon disappearing when a player dies
  • Fixed an issue where Key of Light/Key of Night spawned mimics left behind phantom ghost chest tiles
  • Fixed Betsy's loot having half the intended drop chance
  • Fixed Depth Meter displaying incorrect height biome when using camera-moving items
  • Cool Whip's Snowflake should no longer attack critters, target dummies
  • Fixed Cool Whip's Snowflake not despawning when a player dies or quits
  • Fixed Exquisitely Stuffed buff not giving Ranged damage
  • Fixed Ocean critters spawning in deep caves below the Ocean
  • Fixed Lava Lamps being unable to be placed on tables
  • Fixed Mini Minotaur not animating properly while flying
  • Fixed some item spelling concerns and grammatical issues with NPC Happiness text

[編集] ver 2020年5月17日


  • 専用サーバーのコマンドラインオプションにマスターとジャーニーを追加しました。
  • Ghosts are more likely to despawn, and the conditions which allow them to spawn has been reduced as well as the maximum number of them
  • Error logging no longer creates large DMP data files when the game crashes, as they were unused
  • Meteorites now no longer fall until after Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu have been defeated
  • Killing Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu again will boost the drop rate of subsequent Meteors for the following night (instead of breaking more Orbs/Hearts)
  • Meteorites can no longer be destroyed with explosives
  • Pirate Captain now spawns a ghost pirate when he is killed
  • Dunerider Boots can now be tinkered with Rocket Boots to make Spectre Boots
  • Added some protection to ensure world gen works for users using different language PCs.
  • Fixed a number of issues where Terraria tries to make or modify folders, but User Side PC permissions prevented it from doing so, leading to crashes/errors.
  • Fixed a crash relating sound initialization.
  • Fixed a few autostart errors for the server.
  • Fixed an issue with kicking players not actually being fully removed, preventing players from rejoining.
  • Demon Altars can no longer spawn on rare configurations of adjacent cacti, which would crash the world if they were hit.
  • Coins no longer have a sell value.
  • Fixed an issue where Map Scale was impossibly low, resulting in some map related issues.

[編集] ver 2020年5月17日


Journey's End


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