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関連項目 釣り
Bass.png Bass
地上以上 Salmon.png Salmon
地下以下 Armored Cavefish.png Armored CavefishSpecular Fish.png Specular FishStinkfish.png StinkfishBlue Jellyfish (bait).png Blue JellyfishGreen Jellyfish (bait).png Green JellyfishGolden Carp.png Golden Carp
Jungle Double Cod.png Double CodNeon Tetra.png Neon TetraVariegated Lardfish.png Variegated Lardfish
Snow Atlantic Cod.png Atlantic CodFrost Minnow.png Frost Minnow
Desert (Oasis) Flounder.png FlounderRock Lobster.png Rock Lobster
Ocean Pink Jellyfish (bait).png Pink JellyfishRed Snapper.png Red SnapperShrimp.png ShrimpTrout.png TroutTuna.png Tuna
Floating Islands Damselfish.png Damselfish
Honeyから (環境は問わず) Honeyfin.png Honeyfin
Lavaから (環境は問わず)
Flarefin Koi.png Flarefin KoiObsidifish.png Obsidifish
The Corruption Ebonkoi.png Ebonkoi
The Crimson Crimson Tigerfish.png Crimson TigerfishHemopiranha.png Hemopiranha
The Hallow Princess Fish.png Princess FishPrismite.png PrismiteChaos Fish.png Chaos Fish

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