Tax Collector

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Tax Collector
Tax Collector.png
使用武器Classy Cane

ハードモード突入後にThe Underworldにいる敵Tortured SoulPurification Powderを使うことによりTax CollectorがNPCとなる。

住人になった後、話しかけると、住居を持つNPC数(Tax Collector自身もその対象になる)とゲーム内経過時間によってコインをくれる。

・ゲーム内時間で一時間毎(実時間で一分毎)にNPC一人につきCopper Coin.png 50加算。
・一度に集められる金額の上限はGold Coin.png 10。NPCが通常時最大の21人いる場合、ゲーム内時間95時間でGold Coin.png 9Silver Coin.png 97Copper Coin.png 50、96時間で上限に達し、Silver Coin.png 8は切り捨てられる計算になる。
Enchanted Sundialを使用して経過した時間も算入される。

[編集] 台詞


  • Must everyone open and shut doors so incredibly noisily around here?!
  • I see you're free of time, as usual. Can't imagine what work life would be for your kind of folk.
  • ..two barrels of molasses, plus -- Oh, never mind that, you're here. Here's your money.
  • What does a man have to do to be left alone in this place? Go bugger someone less busy!
  • You again? Suppose you want more money!?
  • Yes, yes, yes! -- I'll give you your share in just a moment. I'd think you to be a bit more patient, what with me doing all the work and all.


  • Tried to get [Name of Dryad] to pay me with favors once, now I have fungus growing in strange places.

Arms Dealerが居るとき

  • Go tell [Name of Arms Dealer] to stop offering to pay me with ammo, I don't even own a gun.


  • I just came from [Name of Merchant]'s. He wanted to know if I took credit cards.


  • Here you are again, taking all my coin! Just grab it and begone from my sight!
  • Here's your cut of the taxes that I've taken from our surplus population!
  • Bah! Here, take your shillings and get out of my sight!
  • This is all you're gonna get for now, not a penny more! Take it and spend it wisely.


  • Not so fast! You got your money, now begone!
  • Bah! You again? You just grabbed some of my coin just moments ago, so bugger off and come back later!
  • I just gave you half a crown five minutes ago! Scram!
  • You just received your pay, and not a farthing more! Get out!
  • Oh, so you just see me as a coin sign, eh? 'Cus every time you see me, you ask me.
  • Reaching into my moneybags again already!? And you call ME greedy.
  • Money doesn't grow on trees, so don't overpick my fruit! Bah!
  • You already managed to spend every pence I paid you!? Bah, I'm not a charity, go kill a slime!
  • Don't you ever stop just to say 'Hi?'
  • Begging so soon?! Don't look at me like I'll have a change of heart overnight!
  • ...And people call me greedy? No, I have nothing else for you.

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